Hamedan’s Souvenir | What and And Where to Buy in Hamedan?

Hamedan’s Souvenir | What and And Where to Buy in Hamedan?

Hamedan’s souvenir is both delicious and beautiful! Whether you’re looking for edible souvenirs or handicrafts, you can buy great and desirable souvenirs.



Pottery is the most important and perhaps the most beautiful souvenir of Hamedan. Hamedan and Laljin can be considered as the center of Iran’s pottery. Pottery and ceramic of Laljin is more than 800 years old. To buy pottery, know that you can buy a pottery with a low price or pottery made in Hamedan’s tradition with enamels. which costs a higher price. These enamel dishes are quite different from Isfahan’s enamel dishes.

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Hamedan’s Souvenir
Hamedan’s Souvenir


Another souvenir and handicraft of Hamedan is leather. Different stores in Hamedan sell handmade and machine-made leather with a good variety and a reasonable price range. Hamedan’s leather was the best Iranian leather in some period of time and its quality was unparalleled throughout Iran. Although it doesn’t have the fame it used to, but its good quality makes you feel compelled to buy it.
Silver and Gold Blocking
Carving image on thin layers of gold and silver is another handicraft of Hamedan. This souvenir is considered to be among the expensive souvenirs of this city. But if you intent to buy this type of container there are those with smaller sizes and those that little work have been done on them and so they cost less.

Hamedan’s Souvenir
Hamedan’s Souvenir

Wood work

Since there are many walnut trees and other trees with high quality wood around Hamedan, the woodwork industry related to these types of woods boomed in this city. This industry has many different types such as woodworking, thinning, woodcarving, and mosaic work.

Hamedan’s Souvenir
Hamedan’s Souvenir


Abgineh is glass blowing in the traditional way. In this way they shape molten glass by blowing air into it and create such beautiful works. Many of the works that are in the Abgineh museum have been found in the archeological excavations in Hamedan and this fact indicated that this art has a long history in this city.

Hamedan’s Souvenir

Other Souvenirs

  • Rug
  • Coppersmithing
  • Etching

Edible Souvenirs of Hamedan


Komaj bread is a souvenir of Hamedan which is made from flour, sugar, butter, cinnamon powder, egg, walnut, milk, and salt. This type of bread has a good taste and a rather long aftertaste.


Nan Chai

Nan chai is a small and very tasty sweet of Hamedan which everyone loves. And because many eat it whilst drinking tea they call it nan chai (literally tea bread). This bread is made from ingredients such as flour, yogurt, egg, butter, and etc. The sweetness of this bread is very little and it is a very good choice for those who are looking for a sweet with low sugar.

Nan Chay
Nan Chay

Abnabat Gheychi

This souvenir can be found in other cities as well and has different types. Also, you can buy it in bulk and in packs. Abnabat Gheychi has different tastes such as cardamom, saffron, pistachio, mint, etc.

Abnabat Gheychi
Abnabat Gheychi


Flour, sugar, milk, salt, and turmeric are the ingredients to make this delicious sweet of Hamedan. The oil used in this sweet is rather more compared to other sweets of this city.


Halva Lozi

One of the halvas you’ll encounter in the sweet shops of Hamedan is halva lozi. Rice flour, walnut, wheat brans, and saffron are used in making this sweet.
Baslogh and pickled foods are souvenirs that cannot be considered to be from Hamedan exclusively.

Halva Lozi
Halva Lozi

Baghdadi Tea

Baghdadi Tea is one of Hamedan’s products that has replaced sugar and is eaten with tea. The existence of herbs and herbal distillates in it leads to a lot of nutritional and medicinal value. The use of ginger, cinnamon, cardamom and clove has given a hot temperament to this pastry.

Other edible souvenirs of Hamedan

  • Nuts
  • Grape syrup
  • Angosht pich
  • Halva zarde
  • Baslogh
  • Rahatol holghoom
  • Nan shirmal
  • Noghl
  • Halva arde
  • Coconut sweet
  • Pickled foods
  • Jam

To buy these souvenirs you can go to Hamedan’s Bazaar, so that you may behold its historical glory and buy your souvenirs at a reasonable price.

Hamedan's souvenir
Hamedan’s souvenir

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