Traditional Foods of Kerman

Traditional Foods of Kerman

Like every desert city in Iran, most of the traditional foods of Kerman are juicy that you must eat them with a piece of bread. You rarely see rice in these cities. Foods of Kerman are very delicious and tasty. IranTrawell is going to introduce you some of Kerman’s traditional foods.

Features of Traditional Foods of Kerman

Women of Kerman are famous for their cooking. The taste of foods cooked by Kermani mothers and grandmothers are unique and fantastic. Although some of the delicious foods of Kerman are forgotten, but still you can smell the remarkable foods of Kerman from every house.

Kerman province has numerous abgooshts that each of them are unique, for example: Lemon Abgoosht, Yakhni Abgoosht, Motenajbe Abgoosht, Imam-Hussein Abgoosht, Torshale Abgoosht, Tangab Abgoosht, Sabzi Abgoosht, Qore Abgoosht, Qanqo Abgoosht and Qeyme Abgoosht.

One of the most famous spices of this province is cumin (Zire in Farsi) that has a very special aroma. Too many Iranians come to buy their cumin from here because it is best in its kind. There is no surprise that natives of Kerman use this spice as their main spice. People of Kerman also love whey and use it a lot.

Bozqorme Abgoosht

Bozqorme Abgoosht or Kermani Abgoosht is a traditional food of Kerman and it is very popular. This local food is very delicious and is made up of chickpea, hot garlic, whey, garlic, saffron, onion, spice and meat. It seems that its name came from the meat that is used in it.


Motenajbe Abgoosht

This Abgoosht is originated from Rafsanjan city in Kerman Province and is cooked mostly in religious ceremonies. They cook this food in the religious ceremonies and give it away free. Its ingredients are pea, pinto beans, tomato paste, lamb meat, tarragon, parsley, potato salt, pepper and turmeric. It is also called Imam-Hussein Abgoosht.

Motenajbe Abgoosht
Motenajbe Abgoosht

Bademjan And Kashk Abgoosht

This Abgoosht (the two words in its name are: whey and eggplant) is made up of whey, eggplant, meat, onion, beetroot, white beans, potato and spice.

Alooche Kermani Stew

It is a native food in Kerman city and its ingredients are meat, pinto beans, tomato paste, dried herbs, onion, plum, lemon juice and different spices. It will be very delicious for the people who love sour foods.

Alooche Kermani Stew

Special Pottages of Kerman

Numerous pottages like Amaj, Shalgham Sholi, Barley, Mixed, Pumpkin, Tooki, Milky Wheat, Kakol Kanaf Shadane, Lablabo, Qatoq Tokhme, Qatoq, Zirjoosh, Kashk Gerdoo, Kashk Yonje, Sardoosh, Eshkene, Kashk Kadoo, Mast, Kash kSib, Koor Mast, Abbone, Kalejoosh, Ab Garmoo, Boz Qorme, Kashk & Bademjan, Nan Paz, Kachi, Komach Sehan, Qatoq Shir, Nan Charb, Shirin and Chang Mal are different traditional foods of Kerman.

Ash Sholi or Amaj

It is one of the most popular foods in Kerman and is very good for immune system. It protects you against common cold, influenza and anemia. It is also good for your stomach and intestine. Ingredients of this pottage are greens, lentils, beans, onion, mint, salt and pepper.

Ash Sholi or Amaj
Ash Sholi or Amaj

Ash Reshte

This pottage is a popular Iranian pottage and has different cooks; it depends on the region people cooking it in. In Kerman, they cook it with rounded meats. They eat it with vinegar. It is a very special kind of this pottage and if you like pottage, you must try this.

Ash Reshte
Ash Reshte

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