Vakil General Bathroom of Kerman

Vakil General Bathroom of Kerman

In the old times, general bathrooms were one of the most important constructions in every neighborhood in every city of Iran. Bathrooms, alongside the mosques, zoorkhanehs, bazars and warehouses were the principals of every neighborhood. People needed these structures for their complete satisfaction. In this article, we will know more about Vakil Bathroom of Kerman that includes a bazar, mosque and bathroom. Nowadays the bathroom part of this complex is used as a traditional restaurant. This restaurant is exactly in the most historical part of the city and is full of old remnants. There are too many historical places in this part of the city and if you want to visit all of them you must spend a lot of time.

Vakil Bathroom
Vakil Bathroom

History of Vakil Bathroom of Kerman

In middle part of the Kerman Bazar, you will see the Vakil Bathroom of Kerman that Vakil-ol Molk (Ismaeil Khan Nouri), ruler of Kerman in Qajar Dynasty ordered its construction. Its style of building is similar to the Ganjali Khan Bathroom. The bathroom is the first part of the Vakil Complex. Finally, in 1280 Ah opened with a special ceremony. Its Architecture is in Zand style. It is tiled from bottom to top. It has two parts, locker room and greenhouse. IranTrawell will let you know more about internal parts of this bathroom.


Srbynh or locker room has a regular style full of geometric shapes. There are eight pillars in middle part of it. In the center, you can see a big pond that adds to its beauty. Around the locker room, you can see marble stone bench that is a level higher than ground. Different parts of the srbynh have different types of roofs. In middle part, you can see a full design whereas other parts has simple and incomplete designs.


The greenhouse is an extensive area that stone pillars divide it into 3 major parts: middle part with a square shaped area and four pillars. In one side of it, you can see a bigger area with beautiful designing on roof of it, eight pillars and an eight-wedged pond. Next to this part, there is another part that seems was built in the late repairs. There is another small part with a rectangle-shaped pond in front of the greenhouse.

Vakil Bathroom

Reservoir of the Bathroom

Reservoir of the Bathroom (Kazyna in Farsi), is in the front part of the greenhouse’s entrance. It is a rectangle-shaped area with different patterns on the roof of it. Visitors use the ladder to go into the reservoir and after visiting, come back to the srbynh.

Vakil Bathroom
Vakil Bathroom

First part of the Vakil Complex is the general bathroom of Vakil that opened in 1270 Ah. The facade of this bathroom was rebuilt in 1369 SH. Nowadays it is used as a traditional teahouse and the greenhouse of it is also used as a restaurant.

IranTrawell recommends you that if you are going to Kerman, do not forget about visiting this Iranian general Bathroom

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