25 Things to Do on a Trip to Qazvin

25 Things to Do on a Trip to Qazvin

When we arrive in a new city, especially if we have a limited time to get familiar with the city’s atmosphere and must choose from a long list of attractions to visit, we may lose the opportunity to visit the attractive places of the city. We may not eat special foods, sweets. Generally, we may not meet the best possible experience of traveling to that city. Lists like the one below help us waste less time. Using the experiences of others will improve our travel experience. Follow this list on a trip to Qazvin!

Things that we should not neglect about them during our trip to Qazvin!

Where to go in Qazvin?
  • Try to get drown in Saad al-Saltanah!
  • Walk from the gate of Alighapoo to the end of Sepah Street!
  • Visit the Great Sardar cistern, Iran’s largest single-dome water storage!
  • Step into the heart of culture by walking in the Qajar bathhouse!
  • Visit one of the oldest and largest early Islamic mosques by going to the Ancient Jame Mosque!
  • Capture a selfie with colorful Sash windows of Chehel Sotoun!
  • Visiting the Amini Hosseiniyeh.
  • Visit Cantor Church to see one of the smallest churches in the world!
What to buy in Qazvin?
  • Buy Farah, Reza, or Baklava from confectioneries!
  • After visiting Dorodgaran Bazar, buy Sekanjabin syrup and fine sweets from Nane-Qamar shop.
  • Go to the handicrafts bazar in the Safavid Royal Precinct and buy souvenirs from Qazvini artists!
  • Visit special craft stands at Saad al-Saltaneh Hall and buy a calligraphy signboard!
  • Visit the Molavi Bird bazar but do not buy any birds!
  • After visiting Alighapoo go and relax at the Minoo-ye Kherad Bookstore and experience a different purchase!
What to hear in Qazvin?
  • Listen to the noisy sound of parrots in Sabzeh Square!
  • Notice to hear the sweet Qazvini accent!
  • Listen to the song of Qamar al-Muluk on the way!

What to eat in Qazvin?

  • Eat Shirin-Plow with Koko-Shirin, Gheime Nesar, Doimaj and Ash Imam!
  • Eat sweet bread with your tea if you do not like baklava!
  • Near the pastries, fill your nose with the smell of cardamom, saffron and syrup!
  • Have a drink at the Negar-ol Saltaneh Café.
  • Eat Ghashogh-Tarash in Eynak Cafe and immerse yourself in its beautiful décor!
  • Eat the Qazvini Adasi at Dehkhoda Breakfast!
  • Try Halim Qazvini at Obaid Zakani!
  • Eat roasted liver at Salamat Jegaraki, Norouzian Ave.

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