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Iran, once Persia, is a major player in the Middle East. It has a large land territory and is centrally located in Eurasia and Western Asia. It has a wide array of neighbors including Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkey and Iraq. It is also close to Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates which are located south and east of the Persian Gulf.


1.648.195 Km


Rial (IRR)






I think losing your travel documents, money, and your phone in a foreign country is on the top place in the list of top things you must be scared of when you go abroad. You can google the list of the cities famous for their pickpockets and purse-snatchers. Now, if you’re coming to Iran, hearing the financial news in Iran might worry you a little; and in fact, the tourist centres and crowded areas are no exception in this case. But statistics show that Iran is almost a lot better and safer than other countries in this case. But, only in case you want to travel with peace of mind, keep these points in mind: • You don’t have carry your passport with you to everywhere you go; only a copy of that would suffice. No one usually asks for it. • You will need cash, but you shouldn’t carry all the cash you have with you. • I suggest you to put your eggs in different baskets, I mean split your money and put it in different places so in case you get robbed, you will have some money left. • It’t better to use bags and handbags instead of backpack in crowded places like bazaars; so you can always watch the zippers. • And always keep an eye on your phone!