Accommodations in Qazvin, Comfortable Like Your Own Home

Accommodations in Qazvin, Comfortable Like Your Own Home

Before talking about different types of accommodations in Qazvin, you should know that unlike the past times, the accommodations of Qazvin are not only limited to hotels and inns. Today, tourism industry is largely occupied by eco-tourism. In the following, we will mention different types of Qazvin residences.

Qazvin, known as one of the oldest cities in Iran, has played a significant role in all periods of Iran’s history. This beautiful city, with its ancient and fantastic monuments related to various dynasties, is a very nice place to stay. You can have a fast time travel in Iran’s ancient history in this beautiful city.

Ecotourism Resorts

Ecotourism resort is one of the types of Qazvin accommodations that is used for hosting eco-tourists. Travelers who are interested in seeing and learning about the culture, customs, traditions and special features of a particular area can be greatly acquainted by staying in these resorts. Using eco-tourism resorts that have a simple and old-fashioned look but with modern features can bring you your heart’s desire.

Using Qazvin’s resorts, especially the eco-tourism resorts, can revive traditional and indigenous values. It also can help the economy of the local community as well as preserving the nature. Generally, they use old and renovated buildings to convert them into this type of resorts. If you are looking to stay at the best accommodations of Qazvin, we recommend you the Ecotourism Resorts.

It is important to know that ecotourism resorts themselves act as an attraction for tourists and we must consider them as tourist attractions.

Characteristics of Eco-tourism Resorts

Here are some features of Qazvin’s eco-tourism resorts.


Qazvin ecotourism resorts have traditional and native textures. They use local elements for its design. The use of the traditional tools as well as the traditional architecture have given the residences more beauty.


Generally, for introducing the customs and traditions of a specific region they use a staff that is familiar with the culture and traditions of this area. Using the region’s local language, local clothes as well as the ability of explaining Qazvin’s customs and culture are characteristics of a good host. Qazvin Resorts have attracted many of their guests with the help of skilled people in this field.


Traditional and local food is commonly used in Qazvin’s ecotourism resorts. The fresh breads cooked in the ovens at home will bring you the fragrance of a simple, healthy life. The variety of new dishes that are so different from restaurants’ boring foods can be very exciting for all of the tourists.

The ceremonies

These type of accommodations try to attract tourists and promoting their culture by traditional ceremonies. There you can watch traditional dances, listen to folk music and play traditional games as well as lullabies in the ecotourism residences. At the end, definitely you will show respect for the rich culture of the people of Qazvin.

The local guides

For the reasons that are mentioned above, Qazvin’s ecotourism resorts use native and skilled people to attract visitors and improve the quality of their services. As a result, in addition to staying in a cozy relaxed traditional environment, you will also enjoy the experiences of indigenous people.

The best ecotourism resorts of Qazvin

Due to having a traditional texture, Qazvin has a wide variety of ecotourism resorts. All of these resorts have their own features and beauties. The beautiful architecture of ecotourism resorts, the traditional and rare objects that you can find there and the use of flavored foods are the reasons why people prefer these accommodations. Some of the eco-tourism resorts in Qazvin are listed below:

1. Ecotourism Resort of Al-e Amut

2. Ecotourism Resort of Alamut Castle

3. Ecotourism Resort of Sevan (Mirza Jan Zarabad)

4. Ecotourism Resort of Anadeh

5. Ecotourism Resort of Bamsan

6. Ecotourism Resort of Oghabha Castle

7. Ecotourism Resort of Golestan Garden

8. Ecotourism Resort of Kolb-e Tourist-e Zarabad


Since Qazvin is near to the Tehran, the northern and western cities, it is a good place to stay for a short and long time. Most of the people who are travelling to different parts of Iran, may stay for a night in Qazvin. Therefore, using the high quality hotels of this city is a good option for relaxing.

Qazvin is a city with suitable prices. In Qazvin, you can find services and products that you want for a good price. Therefore, using the accommodations of Qazvin won’t cost you much and it is a wise step from economical aspect. Here is a list of famous and high quality hotels of Qazvin:

Accommodations in Qazvin
Accommodations in Qazvin

1. Marmar Hotel

2. Iranian Hotel

3. Traditional Hotel of Khane Behroozi

4. Alborz Hotel

5. Rajia Hotel

6. Minoo Hotel

7. Mir Emad Hotel

8. Safir Hotel

Each of these hotels with numerous rooms and different facilities could be a great host for you.

Accommodations in Qazvin
Accommodations in Qazvin

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