Rural Residence of Alamut Castle

Rural Residence of Alamut Castle

Alamut Castle Rural Residence is a quiet and pleasant place where you can enjoy a comfortable stay while traveling to Qazvin and visiting Alamut Castle. If you are looking for a great accommodation in Qazvin, read the Qazvin Resorts here.

Of course you are familiar with Alamut Castle but if you do not know enough about this historical castle, we will give you a brief and useful explanation in IranTrawell.

Alamut castle

Like a paradise in the heart of Qazvin, Alamut Castle is one of the natural and rural areas of this province, with the surrounding mountains, green trees and other natural and historical monuments doubling the beauty of the area. Alamut castle or fortress is one of the historical fortresses of Iran and one of the most important tourist attractions of Qazvin in Alamut district, which welcomes many travelers every year. This castle is also known as Hassan Castle among the people of the village.

Alamut Castle

Alamut Castle or Alamut Fortress was Hassan Sabah’s Castle. It is located in Alamut District in northeast part of Qazvin, a village called Gazerkhan (meaning Castle of Khan).

The castle was burnt down and destroyed in 654 AH by the order of Hulagu Khan and was used as an exile and prison.

Since 930 AH and the beginning of the reign of King Tahmasb the Safavid until the year 1006 AH the castle had a well structure. Unfortunately, during the Qajar period, they began digging for treasure in the area, which led to its destruction.

According to Hamdollah Mostofi, the fortress was built by Da’i Ali al-Haq Hassan bin Zayed, which Hassan Sabah conquered it in 483 AH. The castle was mostly known for Hassan Sabah’s military and security activities.

Alamut Castle

Nowadays, most of the towers and parts of this great monument is destroyed. The remains of this monument have been registered as one of the national monuments of Iran on February 1, 2003.

Rural Residence of Alamut Castle

Rural Residence of Alamut castle is located in a village called Zarabad, which is located in eastern part of Roodbar-e Alamut in Qazvin province. The land that the rural residence of Alamut Castle is built is 2 hectares and has an area of 250 m2. This residence has two floors including a suite with three bedrooms each with a bathroom.

Rural Residence of Alamut Castle is located seventy kilometers away from Qazvin, which has attracted many tourists due to its beautiful and quiet location.

There, on a hill that you can overlook the village as well as other spectacular views, a wooden house is built so that those who live in it can have a nice view of the mountains and plains.

The wonderful and unique scenery of this region can easily attract visitors and of course, this is a very good advantage for the Rural Residence of Alamut Castle.

This residence is the best choice for the people who are looking for a relaxing stay since they can walk the alleyways of the village gardens for hours without getting a bit tired. They also can enjoy visiting old-fashioned houses.

Rural Residence of Alamut Castle is ready to serve dear travelers in all the seasons because its climate is pleasant all year round.

The suitable location of the residence has made it possible for the dear guests to have a very good access to all the recreation areas. In here, you can enjoy every moment during your stay.

Alamut Castle

The recreation areas that you can visit are Alamut Castle, Lake Evan, the peneplain, Khoonbar village and Imamzadeh Ali Asghar. All of them are beautiful and they are easy to access.

Some people and tourists may have some worries about the accommodation; therefore, we are going to give you some facts about Rural Residence of Alamut Castle so that you can travel safely without minding about accommodation.

• All accommodation units are at the second floor.

• Don’t worry about your car since the whole path is covered by asphalt.

• There is also a private car parking at the Rural Residence of Alamut Castle.

• Accommodation price for children under 6 years old is free.

• The heating system used in the accommodation is packaged.

• Each suite has its own toilet and bathroom.

• The kitchen has facilities like oven, kitchenware and a fridge that residents can share.

• At the living room, there is a television, so you can enjoy watching your favorite show together and enjoy the moments.

• You can check in your room at 2pm and check out at 12pm.

Other places near to the Rural Residence of Alamut Castle are mentioned below and we recommend you to visit these beautiful places:

• Hir Village

• Sang Bon Waterfall of Tonekabon fountain

• Kelarud Waterfall

• Kelarud-e Alborz Waterfall

Make your trip more memorable by traveling to Qazvin province and visiting the sights and attractions of this region as well as staying in the rural residence of Alamut Castle. Be sure that you will enjoy the most by staying at this residence.

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