Ali Sadr Cave in Hamedan | The thrill of beholding beauty

Ali Sadr Cave in Hamedan | The thrill of beholding beauty

Hamedan is mostly known for its Ali Sadr cave. There are many tourists who go to Hamedan just to visit the Ali Sadr cave or if they do not have much time to stay in the city, then visiting the Ali Sadr cave is definitely on top of their list. One million people visit this cave annually.


This cave is one of the largest water caves in Iran and the world in which you can sail using a boat. Ali Sadr cave is the biggest cave in the world in which you can sail. This cave has spectacular rocky scenery which is extremely interesting for those who are experts in the area of archeology and even those who are not.

About the Ali Sadr Cave

This cave is so large that some of its parts have not yet been discovered and we are not certain about its area. Currently about 440 kilometers of different routes in the cave have been mapped and tourists visit its 2-kilometer water route. The depth of the water varies in different places from half to 14 meters. There is a large lake in the middle of this cave and from there you can get to other parts of the cave. Some researchers believe that this cave is connected to the Katale Khor cave in Zanjan.

Ali Sadr cave
Ali Sadr cave

The Beauties of Ali Sadr Cave

  • Visiting the Ali Sadr cave is beautiful on its own but imagine you’re moving along on the water and enjoying the cool air of the cave and are watching the rocky beauties which are lit. You only see such collection of beauties in a few caves in the world, such as Moulis cave in France, Knight and Buchan caves in Australia.
  • The source of the lake in the Ali Sadr cave is the underground springs and the continuous precipitation from walls and the ceiling of the cave.
  • The air in the cave is very thin and is in absolute stillness and so if you light a candle in the cave, you will see no movement in the flame.
  • This cave is 190 million years old.
  • The most height of the cave from the depth of the water to the ceiling reaches 54 meters which amounts to an 18-story building!
  • The advantage of this cave is that due to the existence of cell like orifices in the cave, breathing is not hard, unlike other caves.
  • One of the reasons why this cave is so beautiful is the existence of colorful stones under the water. And because the water is so clear you can see red, purple, brown, green, and blue colors in it.
Ali Sadr cave
Ali Sadr cave

Geological Information

Though this part is not in the area of expertise of Irantrawell, but since many tourists are there exclusively for this reason we see it necessary to mention a small portion of the geological information of the cave here.

Among the most beautiful exhibitions of the cave are stalagmites (abstracts) and stalactites (dippers) that are shaped in diverse, attractive and spectacular forms through different years, and brings every visitor to excitement. Stalagmites and stalactites have been named by various names, such as cauliflower, Posoqueria latifolia, cavernous reed, frost, and so on according to their appearance. Cauliflower, Posoqueria latifolia and umbrella forms are among the most famous forms in the Ali Sadr Cave and you see their examples in abundant in the cave.

Geologists attribute the Ali Sadr’s rocks to the Jurassic period from the second geological period. This natural and beautiful geological phenomenon has been created as a result of the combination of the water produced from the rainfall, carbon dioxide gas in the air and the penetration in the thick limy layers. The water-soluble carbon dioxide gas has created an unstable combination of calcium bicarbonate and has moved deep into limy stones of earth and has created empty spaces. Over the course of millions of years, these empty spaces have been interconnected and have formed the Ali Sadr cave. Interestingly, in the exploration of the cave, there is evidence of the presence of early humans.

Ali Sadr cave
Ali Sadr cave

When visiting this cave try to find the following shapes:

Takhte Jamshid: Pillars raised from the ground up and in them stalagmites and stalactites have reached each other. These pillars are called what they are called because of their similarity to the pillars of starters at the Takhte Jamshid.

The square of the pillars: this is a large rock which like a pillar has been stretched from the bottom of the cave to the ceiling.

Dragon paw: this is a yellow stalactite that is shaped like the paw of a legendary dragon and has been stretched from the ceiling to the ground.

Eagle’s talon: there is a strange and awesome shape in the cave that reminds one of an eagle’s talon and so they call it that.

The hall of large icicle: in a part of the walking route of the cave, there is a hall with varied and large icicles and there is a large icicle located in the middle and so they call it the “hall of the large icicle.”

Rocky waterfall: there is a giant rock that has been shaped like a big and beautiful waterfall and has such swagger in the middle of the cave.

The word Allah: you will be able to see the manifestation of the word Allah on the wall of the cave and it has been lit so it is very clear to see.

Irantrawell’s Suggestion

After visiting the cave you can go and visit the nearby park. Also, there are some gallerias in which you can buy souvenirs. Restaurant, amusement park, observatory, praying room, and many other facilities are close by.

Since this cave is crowded and the length of time that must be spent waiting in line to purchase tickets, we suggest that you choose a non-peak day (a day that is not a holiday and not crowded) to visit this place.

Ali Sadr cave is relatively accessible for disabled people to come and go using wheelchairs. But unfortunately it is only possible for disabled people to get as far as the dock and they cannot sail on the water or walk in the walking route.

Ali sadr cave
Ali sadr cave

Visiting the Ali Sadr Cave

Address: KaboodarAhang city, Ali Sadr cave

Visiting Hours

First half of the year: 8 A.M. to 8 P.M.

Second half of the year: 8 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.

Ticket price: 75000 Toman

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