Best Cafes of Tehran

Best Cafes of Tehran

You can find too many cafes with great diversity in Tehran. The good news is, most of them have a very high quality, and some of them are so special that it would be great fun to spend time in them. We are going to introduce some of the best cafes of Tehran, helping you to choose cafes in your type easily. The list below has numerous high-quality cafes with their addresses, so you can easily choose and reach your ideal coffee shop by reading this article.

Enghelab Street Coffee Shops

Cafes of Enghelab Street are among the best cafes of Tehran. Here in Enghelab Street, you can see a great variety among the cafes, from modern cafes to traditional ones or a mixture of these two.

French Cafe

This coffee shop is providing services for half a century. Fifty years ago, a Frenchman known as Gilbert Barrow was hired in one of Enghelab cafes. He decided to bring French Cake and French Pastry for Iranians, so the café that Gilbert was working in there got to be known as French Café.

Opening Hours of French Café: Saturday to Thursday from 9:00 am to 1:30 pm and 2:30 pm to 9:00 pm. The French café is closed on Fridays and holidays.

French Café Address: No. 1272, southwest side of Vesal-e Shirazi Intersection, Enghelab Street

France Cafe

Shenofdidarjai Cafe

What distinguishes this cafe from other cafes of Enghelab Street is the special decoration and design of this cafe. In addition, the menu of café is another reason for the popularity of this café. The facilities of this café include the vegetarian menu and its occasional reservation possibility.

Address of Shenofdidarjai Café: Art Gallery No. 14, No.14, Khark St., Valiasr St., Enghelab St., Tehran

Shenofdidarjai Cafe

Verta Cafe

If you are a fan of cakes, one of the best cafes of Tehran that gives you varied and great options to choose is Verta Café. Fancy-modern decoration of this cafe is one of the other features of it.

Cafe Verta Address: Beside Keshavarzi Bank, Vesal St., Enghelab St, Tehran

Verta Cafe

Cafes of Valiasr Street

Among the best cafes of Tehran, Valiasr cafes have a special place.

Rooberoo Mansion

This mansion has different parts including a bookstore, handicraft shop and gallery. In addition to these features, the relaxing and comfortable atmosphere of Rooberoo Mansion attracts too many people to enjoy their free times here.

RooBeRoo Mansion

Godot Cafe

One of the best cafes of Tehran is Godo cafe. The nostalgic atmosphere of the cafe has made it a huge fan base for artists and people who want a cozy cafe.

Address: Mozafar Brothers St., Northwest Side of Valiasr Crossroad

Godot Café

Lamiz Café

The Lamiz Café is very famous and has several branches in Tehran as well as many fans. The brewed coffee and the small pastries beside it, is one of the most popular orders among its customers.

Address of the Valiasr branch of Lamiz Cafe: No. 1435, Above Valiasr Crossroad, Valiasr St.


Villa (Ostad Nejatollahi) Street Cafes of Tehran

  • Diamond Cafe: No. 33, Fallahpoor St., Ostad Nejatollahi St., Tehran
  • Barg Café: No. 4, Semnan Alley, After Ostad Nejatollahi St., Ferdowsi Sq. Towards Enghelab St., Tehran
  • Blues Cafe: In front of Hotel Qods, Tehran, Shadab St., Ostad Nejatollahi St., Karim Khan St., Tehran
  • Lord Confectionery Cafe: Next to the Chalipa D.E, First of Villa St. Karim Khan Zand St., Tehran
  • Espriss Cafe: In front of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization, Karim Khan Zand St.,

Jomhouri Street Cafes

  • Cafe Shin: No. 10, First of Lalleh Alley, Before Aladdin Mobile Market, Jomhouri St, Tehran
  • Art Cafe: No. 19, Razi St., Jomhouri Street, Tehran
  • Hafez Café: Hafez Cinema, in front of Sepahsalar Garden, After Mokhber o Doleh Crossroad, Jomhouri St., Tehran
  • Bolout Café: third floor of Yeganeh Complex, in front of Sheikh Hadi St., After Valiasr Intersection, Jomhouri St., Tehran
  • Café Char: Second floor of Charsou Complex, Hafez Crossroad, Jomhouri Street

Old houses that have become cafes

You can find the best cafes of Tehran in the heart of Tehran’s history. Some of the old houses of Tehran have beautifully changed during past years and have turned to be used as cafes. These traditional-themed cafes are among the most popular and best cafes of Tehran nowadays.

Fakhr al-Muluk House

This house historically belongs to the Qajar era and is one of the most beautiful historic houses of Tehran. Nan o Namak is the name of the café working in this 120-year-old house.

Address: No. 114, Javidi St., Amirkabir St.

Reera Café Restaurant

Lolagar Alley is one of the oldest alleys of Tehran. This alley is also known as the Gharine Kooche Khaneh. This means that the houses on this alley are symmetrical and similar. Davood Pizza, an old and small pizza shop on this alley, is one of the most popular pizza shops in Tehran. In the same alley, you can go to Reera Café Restaurant and enjoy its beautiful environment.

Reera Cafe Restaurant

Address: Lolagar Alley, Nofel Loshato St., Hafez St., Enghelab St.

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