Best Hotels of Mashhad

Best Hotels of Mashhad

Mashhad due to its great potentials in economics, culture and religious aspects, is one of the most popular choices for Iranian and foreign tourists. One of the most important attractions of this city is Imam Reza’s Shrine, which is in the central part of the city. Therefore, the best hotels of Mashhad are here near to the Holy Shrine.

Depending on your purpose of traveling to Mashhad, you can find numerous hotels that suits you. There are different hotels in Mashhad. The variety, even the quality, of hotels near to Imam Reza’s Shrine is far better than other hotels in the city.

Almas Complex of Mashhad

Almas Complex of Mashhad has two hotels in two different parts of the city. The hotels of this complex have beautiful architecture. The quality of their services is very reputed and they are two of the best hotels of Mashhad.

Almas 1 Hotel

Almas 1 has 163 rooms each of them with special and unique services. The rooms of this 4-star hotel have great variety and you can choose from double room and triple room suites. You can also choose from royal suites, president suites, one-bedroomed suite or the beautiful suite of Mah-e Asal.

An important thing about this hotel is its short distance from Holy Shrine (about 4 minutes on foot) and about 7 kilometers distance from Mashhad Airport.

Address: Between Imam Reza 4 and 6 St., Imam Reza St., Mashhad.

Contact No.: 38051/051

Price level: Relatively high

Almas 2 Hotel

Another high quality hotel from Almas Complex, except that this hotel has a higher quality of services due to its five stars. Due to its architecture of different nations, this hotel has attracted the attention of many people. Several various halls for ceremonies, waterfalls and spas are a small part of this hotel’s customer service.

The hotel has 216 rooms in total, some with separate rooms and others with family specific suites. The Almas 2 Hotel is just near to Holy Shrine (7 minutes on foot) and has a distance about 8 kilometers from the airport.

  • Address: Imam Reza 20 St., Mashhad, Iran
  • Contact No.: 31414/051
  • Price level: Relatively high
Darvishi Hotel of Mashhad

Imam Reza Street in Mashhad is one of the most important streets leading to Holy Shrine of Imam Reza, which is surrounded by many hotels. Mashhad’s Darvishi Hotel shines like a Jewel among the hotels on this street. It is one of the tallest hotels of Mashhad and even one of the tallest hotels in eastern part of Iran. It is designed as atrium.

It is very hard to call the beautiful Darwishi Hotel a hotel. I mean its full and high quality services that are offered in different parts of the hotel are the reasons that you can hardly call it a hotel. These services include reception halls, sidewalk markets, several pools and water complexes equipped with massage services and many other services.

This hotel with its exquisitely design surprisingly has 223 rooms in just 23 floors.

  • Distance from Imam Reza Shrine: 10 minutes on foot
  • Price level: Relatively high
  • Address: Between Imam Reza 24 and 26 St., Imam Reza St.
Ghasr Talaee Hotel of Mashhad

International Hotel Ghasr Talaee in Mashhad is one of the most luxurious and best hotels of Mashhad and even the country. This five-star hotel has been established and opened since 2010 with the aim of satisfying travelers and pilgrims of Mashhad and has been providing services in international fields.

Some features of Ghasr Talaee Hotel of Mashhad:
  • Equipped with seminar halls and conference rooms
  • Water complex equipped with Jacuzzi, sauna, Turkish bath and a different massage services
  • Various billiard halls, playground for children and gym
  • Distance from Imam Reza’s shrine: 30 minutes on foot
  • Price level: Relatively high
  • Address: Between Imam Reza 34 and 36 St., Imam Reza St., Basij Square, Mashhad

Atrak Hotel of Mashhad

Water Square, or as it is called now, Jerusalem Square is where that one of the best hotels of Mashhad is placed in there. The reason of building a hotel in this square is its proximity to Imam Reza’s shrine, old bazaar of Reza and the city’s shopping malls in general. Atrak Hotel was the first hotel that was built in 1979 with this limit of proximity. Despite being old, Atrak Hotel is one of the best hotels of Mashhad and is always mentioned as one of the most luxurious hotels of this city.

  • Distance from Imam Reza shrine: 10 minutes on foot
  • Price Level: Relatively low
  • Address: First of Reza Bazaar, Water Sq. (Jerusalem Sq.).

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