Best Local Dishes of Shiraz | Food Tourism in Fars Province

Best Local Dishes of Shiraz | Food Tourism in Fars Province

We have already said that as soon as entering a city or new country you should try its different tastes and original dishes. Shiraz is a very traditional and old Iranian city, and its chefs are known for their aromatic and tasty dishes, and this city’s local dishes have always been among its most important attractions! Come along with Irantrawell to find out more about the names of these dishes and record them in your mind so that when you head toward Shiraz you’d be able to have a quicker and precise choice.

Kalam Polo Shirazi

At the top of the local dishes in Shiraz is kalam polo, a local food in Shiraz which all Iranian know and cook. Kalam (cabbage) the main ingredient of this dish causes its high nutritional value, and people of Shiraz eat this food with yogurt and greens.

kalam Polo Shirazi
kalam Polo Shirazi
Qorme Beh Shirazi

Qormeh beh is one of the very delicious dishes of Shiraz. As it was stated, the people of this region cook a lot of sweet foods because of their ecosystem. The ingredients of qorme beh are meat, quince, sugar, saffron, onion, and spices. If this food is compatible with your taste then be sure to try it.

Yakhni Nokhod

Yakhni nokhod is another dish from Shiraz and its ingredients are meat, pea, potato, onion, salt, and cumin. In many parts of Iran Abgoosht is made this way. You can eat this food in the best restaurants of Shiraz.

Loobia Polo Shirazi

We Iranian usually make loobia polo with green beans, but people of Shiraz use black-eyed bean. And therefore, if you are not even a foreign tourist, this food will have a different taste for you.

Loobia Polo Shirazi
Loobia Polo Shirazi
Shirazi Polo

Shirazi polo is among those dishes of Shiraz that most people like. The ingredients of this delicious food are rice, chicken, eggplant, cooked saffron, yogurt, barberries, salt, and pepper. If you go to Shiraz be sure to have this dish.

Numerous other dishes would have been put on this list, but Irantrawell only talked about the most famous of them. And don’t forget to try Shirazi salad with these authentic dishes! And for dessert, don’t forget to have the amazing taste of faloodeh Shirazi.

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