Best Restaurants of Tehran

Best Restaurants of Tehran

It is not that easy to make a brief and shortlist from the best restaurants of Tehran. Due to the great number and great diversity of restaurants of this city, choosing from them is a very tough job, but IranTrawell is going to introduce you to some of the bests; so if you want to know more about the best restaurants of Tehran, continue reading this article.

Divan Restaurant

One of the most luxurious restaurants in Tehran is Divan Restaurant. In addition to the excellent quality of its foods, its gentle decoration that is a mixture of traditional design and modern architecture are the reasons for its popularity. You can see miniature paintings on its walls. Even though its foods are traditional Iranian foods, but they serve them in a very modern way. For example, they designate traditional foods like Gheyme Nessar in a modern style, which you think you have ordered a Chinese or Japanese food. Like every other luxury restaurant, you won’t be able to see the prices of foods on the menu of a restaurant. People mostly know this restaurant for its Katte Steak, Kebab-Torsh, Smoky Rice and Fesenjan-e Ordak. If you decided to go to this restaurant, expect the heavy expenses of it.

divan resturant, best restaurants in Tehran.

Level of Prices: High

Price-quality ratio: Suitable

Address: Sam Center Commercial Complex, After Koohyar St., Fereshte St.

Milad Revolving Restaurant

Milad Revolving Restaurant is the next restaurant in our best restaurants of Tehran list, which we are going to talk more about it. This restaurant is one of the most famous and luxurious restaurants of Tehran, which has luxurious but expensive foods. Of course, compared to other restaurants in this level, the prices of Milad Revolving Restaurant is not that high.

MiladTower Tehran resturant, best restaurants in Tehran.

Level of Prices: High

Price-quality ratio: Relatively good

Address: Private Road of Milad Tower, After Chamran Highway, Hakim Highway, Tehran

Yas Restaurant

If you go to this restaurant on holiday, you should expect too many people who are waiting in the queue. This restaurant has a very good atmosphere and decoration but its prices are relatively high. In this restaurant, you can find delicious kebabs on the menu. The taste of Caesar Salad is very memorable.

yas resturant, best restaurants in Tehran.

Level of Prices: Relatively Suitable

Price-quality ratio: Relatively good

Address: N.2627, in front of Mellat Park, Valiasr St.

Muslim Restaurant

Muslim restaurant is one of the best restaurants of Tehran. If you are looking for a very well known restaurant with high-quality foods and suitable prices, Muslim Restaurant is undoubtedly your best choice. This restaurant is located in the Tehran Grand Bazaar. The Tahchins of this restaurant is very popular among its customers. The Muslim restaurant is busy all day long, but the delicious foods of it would worth that. This restaurant is easy to reach if you use the subway and stop at Panezdah-e Khordad Station.

muslim resturant, best restaurants in Tehran.

Price level: Appropriate

Price-quality ratio: Excellent

SPU Restaurant

Finally, if you’re looking for an outdoor restaurant with a great landscape, we’ll introduce you to SPU Restaurant in Darake, which serves a good variety of Iranian dishes.

SPU resturant, best restaurants in Tehran.

Price level: Relatively suitable

Price-quality ratio: Relatively good

Address: Darake Sq.

Nayeb Restaurant

Nayeb Restaurant with its numerous branches across the city is one of the best restaurants of Tehran. All of the branches of Nayeb are too crowded. The great variety of its popular kebabs is the most important feature of this restaurant.

Nayeb resturant, best restaurants in Tehran.

Price level: Medium upward

Price-quality ratio: Good

Address: No. 2220, Valiasr Ave.

Orchid Restaurant

Orchid Restaurant Complex has been operating for over sixty years with the highest quality and it has always been one of the best restaurants of Tehran. It has six branches across the country, each with excellent food quality, modern and elegant atmosphere, skilled chefs and trained staff. Orchid Restaurant branches generally have the following facilities:

Orkide resturant, best restaurants in Tehran.
  • Children’s playhouse
  • Escalator
  • Private parking
  • VIP lounge
  • Outdoor gazebo

Price level: High

Price-quality ratio: Medium


  • Chalus Road Branch Address: Chalus Road – 12 Km

Contact Number: 026-35353535

Orkide resturant, best restaurants in Tehran.
  • Aqdasieh Branch Address: 10th Floor, Shemiran Center Complex, Artesh Highway, Aqdasieh

Contact Number: 021-72146

  • Argentina Branch Address: First of Alvand St., Argentina Sq.

Contact Number: 021-88885300

  • Karaj-Mahestan Branch Address: Orchid Revolving Restaurant, Mahestan Commercial Complex, Nabovat Sq., Karaj

Contact Number: 026-32560666

  • Shahriar Branch Address: Motahhari St., Namaz Sq., Shahriar

Contact Number: 021-65279381

  • Motel Qu Branch Address: Motel Qu, Salman Shahr

Contact Number: 011-54612212

Orkide resturant, best restaurants in Tehran.

Chargah Restaurant

Chargah restaurant is another famous restaurant in Tehran, which is well-known among the people for its special and interesting style of services as well as high quality of foods. The services of this restaurant are divided into four categories. This restaurant starts its work with the “Only Ash” and “Kale Patil” menu at 3:00 am. The “Darian” menu, available for lunch and dinner, includes a wide variety of local Iranian dishes. This restaurant has a menu for all kinds of dizi, which is a great choice for dizi lovers. In Chargah, every day of the week is dedicated to local foods of one special province. So don’t hesitate to go to one of the best restaurants in Tehran.

Chargah resturant, best restaurants in Tehran.

Price level: Medium upward

Price-quality ratio: Excellent

Address: Valiasr St., Before Tajrish Square, In Front of Zaferanieh Street

Contact Number: 02122727170

Herman Restaurant

In addition to the quality of foods of this restaurant, the special thing that distinguishes this restaurant from other restaurants is its stylish and updated environment and its trained staff.

Herrman restuarant,, best restaurants in Tehran.

Price level: High

Price-quality ratio: Very good

Address: Lotfi Intersection, Mashahir St., Qaem Magham St. Haft-e Tir Sq. : 02188822372

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