Best Stores and Shopping Centers in Shiraz

Best Stores and Shopping Centers in Shiraz

Shopping is one of the most enjoyable parts of travelling. Shiraz is among the cities that you cannot leave without buying something! So come along with Irantrawell to have look at stores and shopping centers in Shiraz.

Before listing the shopping centers, let’s discuss the most famous bazaar in Shiraz, which is a traditional bazaar and remains from the Zandieh era and is part of the Vakil complex. Of course, we’re talking about Vakil Bazaar!

Traditional Bazaars

Vakil Bazaar in Shiraz

Vakil bazaar, much like other traditional bazaars, has a variety of different items for sale. In fact, Vakil bazaar is not only a bazaar; it is an original Iranian architectural masterpiece, in which you can buy famous souvenirs of Shiraz such as quality textile, sweets like Masghati, and distills like Bahar Narenj at a reasonable price.

Address: Lotf Ali Khan Zand street, Darbe Shahzade neighborhood, Adjacent to Vakil mosque

Saraye Moshir in Shiraz

Saraye Moshir is another one of traditional and beautiful bazaars of Shiraz which is located in the east southern side of the Vakil bazaar and is next to its exit. This bazaar is the most important shopping center in Shiraz for handicrafts. Among the handicrafts in this bazaar are Khatamkari, Moaragh, Chiseling, Ghalamzani on copper, chiseling and cutting precious stones, manufacturing handmade jewelry from silver and gold, Gabbeh Weaving, and etc.

Address: the intersection of Lotf Ali Khan and Taleghani streets, toward the Vakil Bazaar

Haji Shiraz Bazaar

Haji bazaar, which is one of the oldest bazaars in Shiraz, offers products such as local and traditional costumes, chests, nuts, hygienic products, etc.

Haji Shiraz Bazaar

Mesgarha Bazaar in Shiraz

This bazaar, which is the remains of the Gheysarieh bazaar was ruined during the Qajar era due to earthquake. The architecture of Mesgarha bazaar in Shiraz is like the Vakil bazaar; but in a smaller scale. This bazaar has now turned into a shopping center for home appliances in Shiraz.

Address: Lotf Ali Khan Zand street, after Taleghani intersection.

Mesgarha Bazaar in Shiraz

Modern Shopping Center

Now that we have addressed traditional bazaars in Shiraz, it’s time to introduce its modern shopping centers.

Khalije Fars Commercial

Khalije Fars Commercial Center with an area of 500 thousand square meters is one of Shiraz’s most modern and largest shopping centers, which is also country’s largest commercial center.

Address: the northern axis of Shiraz-Sepidan route, the entrance of new city Sadra.

Mesgarha Bazaar in Shiraz

Zitune Fars Shopping Cneter

Zitune Fars Shopping Cneter is also another one of the largest shopping centers in Shiraz which is built in 12 stories and is one of the tallest shopping centers in Shiraz. You can pretty much find anything in there!

Address: Paramount intersection (15 Khordad)

Setare Fars Commercial Center

Setare Fars Commercial Center is a luxury shopping center in the north side of the city which his built in 9 stories and most of its items are brought from tariff free parts of the country, and regarding its activity, it is similar to Zeitun center. In this center’s Setare Fast Food a variety of Asian, Mexican, Chinese, Indian foods, Kentucky, pizza, and sandwiches are offered. There is also a café in this shopping center.

Address: Afif Abad street

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