Mashhad Bread Museum | an exhibition of water, soil and fire

Mashhad Bread Museum | an exhibition of water, soil and fire

Bread Museum of Mashhad was first opened in Germany. There was no bread museum in Iran until a museum was opened in Mashhad in November 2011 that most of the travelers and residents of Mashhad are not aware of. The Mashhad Bread Museum is the first example of these museums in the Middle East.

The purpose of building the Mashhad Bread Museum

One of the cultural features and characteristics of every nation is the way of baking bread in their culture, which has a unique way of baking in every town and village. That is why the museum has been set up and built.

One of the main goals of setting up a Bread Museum in Mashhad is to promote using traditional high quality breads instead of modern breads.

Mashhad Bread Museum

At the Mashhad Bread Museum, the stages of bread production from wheat planting to milling and baking are symbolically represented and shown by sculptures. The construction of Mashhad Bread Museum was done in 2011, when it was named the first specialized bread museum in the Middle East.

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Design of Mashhad Bread Museum

The architectural design of this museum is inspired by traditional Iranian architecture that uses the familiar materials of brick, thatch, wood and plaster. Masters of architecture and arts have created the unique design of this museum.

Mashhad Bread Museum

General areas of the Mashhad Bread Museum are divided into five general sections, including the entrance hall, the soil area, the water area, the fire area, and the gallery of baking bread stages.

Soil area is the part where the planting and harvesting of wheat crops are symbolically designed using humanoid sculptures, which show people working with agricultural equipment. The scale of these sculptures are smaller than the actual dimensions that are easy to understand and best illustrate the season.

The next step after harvesting the wheat is to grind it and convert it into flour, which is shown in water area. Flour milling was done in a variety of methods such as aquatic, wind and quern-stone methods, which are fully illustrated in this section.

The fire area, as its name implies, shows different ways of baking bread, each with its own oven.

The special part designed in this museum, and seems to be the most special part, is called Oper Dance.

Mashhad Bread Museum
Oper Dance at the Mashhad Bread Museum

This dance is also known as Aafer or Afer, which is more common in Gonabad, Taibad and Khawaf. Opera Dance is a ritual dance with eighteen moves. In addition to the main symbolic gestures, there are 8 other sub-movements include sowing, farming, prayer for rain, reaping, and threshing until baking, and at the end, there are prayer, thanksgiving, and the joy of harvesting moves.

Address: Factory of Gandom Dasht of Mashhad, Shahid Yazdi Alley, After Ferdowsi Forked Road, Kilometer 17 in Asiaei Highway, Mashhad.

Contact number: 051-35425006-12

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