Comprehensive Travel Guide to Hamedan |A Travel with the Virtual Guide of Irantrawell

Comprehensive Travel Guide to Hamedan |A Travel with the Virtual Guide of Irantrawell

The city of Hamedan was the first capital city of Iran after the Aryans moved to Iran and about 1000 years ago, Hegmatane, which used to be the name of Hamedan, was one of the most important cities in the world. The city of Hamedan is located in a mountainous region and in the range of Alvand mountain, and this has made it different form other historical cities of Iran regarding weather, and when the heat of summer has enveloped the central, desert cities of Iran, Hamedan with a moderate and pleasant weather has a certain swagger with its culture and nature. In this article, Irantrawell website will accompany you so that with its comprehensive guide to Hamedan you be able to have a pleasant experience out of your trip to this city.

Main Square of Hamedan and Current Structure of the City

Hamedan’s current structure and architecture is the remain of the Qajar and Pahlavi dynasties. Most of the structures of the city and historical texture remain from these eras. The structure of the Hamedan is circular and revolves around Imam Khomeini square, a square from which six main streets of the city part. Each of these streets has two metal domes, each named as one of the Shiite Imams. The historical texture of Hamedan and the Hamedan bazaar are also around the same square. This square was built by a German architect in 1922. On your trip to Hamadan, be sure to visit this square, not only because of its history or its beauty, but if you want to watch the people’s normal life, the best place for that is this square and the markets around it. However, due to the fact that most of the historical attractions of Hamedan are in this area and the Imam Khomeini Square is the main road of Hamedan, you will inevitably pass through it a couple of times.

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Walking in the Downtown Hamedan

When you are around Imam Khomeini Square, there are a lot of ways for you to walk around. Here are some ways to walk around.

Route 1

If you are interested in the bazar you can start from the very beginning with the help of brown colored signs that show you the direction to traditional bazar of Hamedan which is full of colors and shopping centers and beautiful caravansary all of which remain from the Qajar era and each line of it is for a special group of goods, and Irantrawell suggests you visit the line of leather sellers because Hamedan’s leather has a very high quality and is made fully using traditional and organic ways. Do not miss the fruit and spice sellers’ line which is full of color and life. On your way visit the dome of Alavian. This monument is one of the most beautiful structures of the Seljuk era in Iran, which is a thousand years old and is full of exquisite charming plasterwork. This place is also currently the resting place of the house of Alavi.

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Route 2

People who are interested in museum traveling should follow the southern path of the square. At the beginning of this route I suggest you to visit the tomb of Esther and Mordecai, which is considered to be a vibrant and attractive museum on its own, and is one of the best attractions in the city of Hamedan. A tomb that is thousands of years old and which houses two rescuers of the Jewish people and is the second holy place of the Jews after Jerusalem.

We recommend to know more about the tomb of Esther and Mordecai click here.

After the tomb of Esther and Mordecai there are three important museums of Hamedan on your way:

  1. Museum of anthropology where you can see the lifestyle of the inhabitants of the Alvand plateau from the distant past to contemporary times, you can see their clothes, occupations, and traditions in the museum.
  2. Hamadan museum of celebrated men and dignitaries, which has been a place for the elite to grow from the past and is hold the works of some of Iran’s greatest celebrated men such as Baba Taher and Ibn Sina. The remaining works of these characters such as handwritten scripts, etc. are in this museum.
  3. Handicrafts museum is your next option. The city of Hamedan can be called one of the richest cities in Iran regarding handicrafts, from carpets and leather to pottery and woodcarving, artists from Lalajin, Tooyserkan and Hamedan itself, all have a long name in handcrafting in Iran and sometimes in the world. This is a museum that Irantrawell suggests that you visit if you are interested in museum traveling.
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Route 3

If you go along the Ekbatan road you will find the works of one of the oldest and most progressive cities in Iran, Hegmatane which is more than 3000 years old and some of the biggest treasures of the Achaemenid dynasty such as several golden tablets, golden cups, and important historical scripts have been found there and the museum of this area has put some of them for display. In the past, this area was the Christian community of the city and for this reason in addition to several thousand-year-old artifacts, there are also churches and artifacts by Christians dating from 100 to 200 years ago.

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Adventure around the City of Hamedan

At the beginning of this article we noted that the city of Hamedan is a combination of history and nature, if you plan on spending the first day of your trip to Hamedan visiting the historic sites mentioned above, or the tomb of Baba Taher and Ibn Sina, we recommend that you spend your second and third days on the nature and adventure around Hamedan. Hamedan has a diverse and varied resources when it comes to ecotourism, from the world’s largest cave in which you can sail to the historic entertaining village of Ganjname and sports such as skiing and rock climbing. Finally, the Hamdan cable cabins will take you to the Alvand ranges so that you can freshen up your soul in near the springs and nature of this beautiful region. Irantrawell recommends that you take a day to visit Alisadr Cave and visit Lalajin, which we will explain later, and spend the second day visiting Ganjname and Alvand ranges.

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To go to Alisadr Cave which is one of the most beautiful monuments of the province of Hamedan, get tickets from the day before from the agencies that are located in the city of Hamedan, because it is time consuming to book tickets to the cave, especially if you have gone to Hamedan during busy days. The other thing about this cave is that you have two paths ahead of you, the first route has been recently opened for service and is longer than the old route and of course it costs more though it is worth it.

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If you went to the Alvand ranges using the cable cars, you can use plenty of recreational facilities that have been prepared for tourists, but we urge you not to leave any garbage behind, and if you could, clean it as much as it is possible for you. In the recent years with the arrival of the irresponsible tourists, the amount of garbage in this lovely place has increased.

Transportation in Traveling to Hamedan

Recently in the city of Hamedan and for the occasion of Hamedan 2018 event there are international flights coming and going in its airport, which has also boosted this province’s air transportation. The best way to go around in this city is to call a taxi or personal car. Because it does not cost much, especially if you choose a personal car, though there are services such as buses and a taxis to go towns and villages around.

Best Dishes and Restaurants in Traveling to Hamedan

Traditional Hamedan dishes like many other Iranian cities include various types of local potages and some other dishes without rice, because in this region rice is not cultivated due to the mountainous climate. Abgoosht Ghorme, eggplant potage, nuts potage, Amaj potage and eggplant Ghoore stew are part of the local cuisines of this region. If you are interested in better understanding the dishes of Hamedan, read our article on this. To eat these dishes or any other choice you might have we have prepared a list of the best restaurants in Hamedan, which will make choosing a restaurant easier if you read it.

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Housing in Traveling to Hamedan

The housing sector in Hamedan has made remarkable progress over the past few years and currently includes five star hotels such as Baba Taher and guest-houses and ecotourism. Irantrawell defines ecotourism as follows, “ecotourism is a house entirely from the culture and ecosystem of that region that is optimized for welcoming tourists.”

Housing options in the Ganjname region enjoy a more pleasant weather and are more attractive. Also, you will have more options to choose from in this region.

Souvenir in Traveling to Hamedan

Hamedan’s souvenir is both delicious and beautiful! Whether you’re looking for edible souvenirs or handicrafts, you can buy great and desirable souvenirs. Remember the pottery that you saw in the Hamedan or Hegmatane museums, though you might think this art belongs to the past but it is still alive and dynamic in this city and you can buy them as souvenirs. The pottery of Hamedan province and especially the city of Lalajin is unique in Iran and this city should be called the capital of Iranian pottery. In addition to pottery, carpet and leather are among the province’s top handicrafts. And the best place to buy them is the bazar of Hamedan.

If we consider Yazd to be the cradle of sweets in the center of Iran, Hamedan should be called the best city in this regard in western Iran, the sweets of this city are special and pleasant. So, to buy souvenirs make sure to go to the pastry shops of the city and take back home some of those sweets for yourself and your family. Komaj, Nan Chai, and Abnabat Gheychi (literally candy scissors) are among the most popular of them.

To find out more about the souvenirs of Hamedan take a look at this article.

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Concluding the Travel to Hamedan

In this article, we attempted to talk to you about various aspects of traveling to Hamedan, from visiting attractions and travel plans to tips on housing, shopping and transportation in this city, I hope this article helps you in your travel to Hamedan. Irantrawell is trying to provide the best experience of traveling to Iran for you. The city of Hamedan is the best destination in Iran during the warmer months of the year, and in winter it attracts tourists with attractions like ski resorts.

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