El Goli in Tabriz | Beauty and Nobility

El Goli in Tabriz | Beauty and Nobility

El Goli is the name of a well-known and popular park in Tabriz which due to the beautiful nature, pleasant weather, being close to water, existence of old architecture, and also different entertaining services that are offered, is one of the most important tourist attractions in the city of Tabriz. El Goli is a complex with many recreational facilities. Facilities which Irantrawell shall illustrate for you.

El Goli’s Primary Features

ElGoli, or Shah Goli, is located 7 kilometers from downtown Tabriz.

Depth of the ElGoli lake is 12 meters, and its width and length are each 200 meters. This lake has an area of 5.5 hectares and a capacity of 720000 cubic meters of water.

Shah Goli (Gooli) in Azeri Turkish language means king’s lake. Some believe that the work Shah (king) has a figurative sense here, meaning largeness and enormity, rather than the literal meaning of the word. After the 1979 Islamic revolution, its name was changed to ElGoli, meaning people’s lake.

The History of El Goli

Knowing a small part of El Goli’s history could be pleasurable. Knowing people of what eras have put the steps where we are standing right now is very interesting.

At the time of Aq Qoyunlu tribe, reserving water for the irrigation of the gardens in the eastern part of Tabriz to Darvazeh Tehran (Tehran gate) was of necessity. So a pond was built to be the water supply for this purpose.

This pond was filled with sand during the Safavid dynasty. Then a walls were built around this pond.

El Goli in Tabriz
El Goli in Tabriz

During the Qajar dynasty some streets were built in the surrounding areas of the pond, and in its proximity many trees and flowers were planted. During this time by the order of Ghahreman Mirza (governor of Tabriz at the time and the eighth son of Abbas Mirza) a two story building was erected in the middle of the pond.

During the Pahlavi dynasty the management and maintenance of this pace was within the domain of Tabriz’s municipality. During this time people would come to this place for recreational and sightseeing purposes.

The gazebo in the middle of the pond which was made from abode and was timeworn, was demolished in 1346 (Solar) and through funding by people and the help of the municipality and governor’s office of Tabriz in 1349 (Solar) was rebuilt to be in the same shape that we see today. Today this structure is used as a restaurant.

Facilities and attractions of El Goli

  • Sailing in the pond of El Goli
  • Stony sculptures
  • Sport complex
  • Cycling
  • Carriage ride
  • Food traveling
  • Luna park
  • Sundial
  • Free internet
  • Tenting camp for tourists
  • Parking near the camp
  • Soft water
  • Gazebos
  • Places to wash your dishes and cutlery
  • Restroom and praying room near the camp


  • Other than the icy seasons of the year in Tabriz, sailing is possible in the pond of El Goli.
  • Pedal boats for two people: 10,000 Toman for 10 minutes
  • Motor boats for one person for a round of sailing in the pond: 3000 Toman
Sailing in El Goli in Tabriz
Sailing in El Goli in Tabriz

Food Traveling

You can find good restaurants and food shops in the adjacent streets of El Goli and also at El Goli itself. Food shops inside the park sell the popular potato and egg. And around the park there are different restaurants. Among them we can name the following:

Shah Goli Restaurant: Shah Goli street, ElGoli square, Shah Goli pond

Khane Sabz (Green House) Restaurant: ElGoli square

Shahriar Hotel Restaurant: ElGoli road, Khayyam square, Aseman street

Pars Hotel Restaurant: Next to the ElGoli park

El Goli Restaurant: Shah Goli street, El Goli square

Mozaffarieh Kebab House: Entrance of the El Goli parking coming from Pars Hotel, Next to the Sayman sport arena

Pizza Pizza Fast Food Restaurant: El Goli square

Cactus Fast Food Restaurant: 100 meters after the ElGoli square

Luna Park

On the western side of the lake there is a Luna and amusement park in which you can play games such as Salto, chain swing, roller coaster, enterprise and etc.

Sport Complex

  • Small golf course: on the south eastern side of the park lies one of the most standard mini golf courses in Iran. By paying the fee you can use the course.
  • Skating rink: the skating rink of this complex is standard and has a large area.
  • Billiard academy.
  • Game club.

Phone number: (+98)41-3383043

El Goli
El Goli

Visiting the El Goli in Tabriz

  • Address: Eastern Azerbaijan province, Tabriz, ElGoli boulevard, El Goli park.
  • Public transportation
  • Subway: ElGoli subway station
  • Bus: Use the number 101 bus in ElGoli route
  • Parking entrance fee: 3000 Toman per car

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