Famous Foods of Mashhad

Famous Foods of Mashhad

The real experience of a journey happens when you live in that environment for a while, like the people living in that city. One of the essentials of living this way is eating foods of that city. The taste of Mashhad’s famous dishes always turns to a delicious memory for visitors and tourists. This is because of using fresh and superb ingredients, especially if it is cooked in a home kitchen. For this reason, in this post we decided to introduce the traditional and popular foods of Mashhad city and Khorasan province in general.

Sholeh Mashhadi, the most popular one among famous foods of Mashhad

If you ever attended religious rituals of Mashhad’s old neighborhoods, perhaps you have experienced the grate taste of this food. You can put Sholeh Mashhadi in category of Ash. It is a mixture of nutritious beans such as chickpeas, white beans, rashti beans, mung bean, lentils rice and wheat groats. Sholeh Mashhadi has a special place among the best foods of Mashhad. For making this food, they use fresh beef, so it may require a lot of cooking time.

Sholeh Mashhadi has amounts of rice and meat, so it can be a very fine and healthy meal for you. Originally, they served this Sholeh with Qeyme along with Sangak, cheese and greens.

It is worth mentioning that this delicious dish is listed as the first local food in the list of Iranian Cultural Heritage.

Famous Foods of Mashhad
Polo Makhloot, Mashhad’s estanboli polo

This food is a Mashhadi version of estanboli polo (Spanish rice). They use meat, rice, carrots, green beans and various spices to make this delicious Mashhadi food. Meat is usually served in circular shape, which is called “Ghelgheli”.

Estanboli polo lovers know that the scorched rice plays the main role in this food. The same fact is true about Mashhadi Makhloot Polo.

Famous Foods of Mashhad
Shandiz Shishlik Kebab, the most expensive one among most famous food of Mashhad

Kebab is one of the Iranian dishes, which there are many arguments between many cities of Iran and even the neighboring countries about the originality of it. However, it is clear to anyone that the original birthplace of Shandiz Kebab goes to Shandiz city of Khorasan province. It is among the best and most famous foods of Mashhad. This kebab is made up of six slices of fresh mutton served in Shandiz and Mashhad with the bones. Among the dishes of Mashhad, Shishlik is very tasty and expensive food and it is a popular food abroad as well.

Shandiz Shishlik Kebab
Rivas Stew, the sourest dish among famous foods of Mashhad

Among Iranian dishes, sour foods have their own fans. These foods require special tastes. Rivas (rhubarb) stew is one of the best foods in Mashhad that its originality is shared with other Iranian cities including Kurdistan and Neyshabur. By eating this food, you can enjoy a pleasant sour taste because of the sour taste of rhubarb. In rivas stew, they use fresh mutton or beef, parsley, sauté onions and fresh mint. If you have a taste for this dish, be sure to try it.

Rivas Stew
Mashhadi Yatimche, the most economic local food of Mashhad

The strange name of the yatimche (means little orphan) comes from the fact that meat plays an important role in Iranian foods, and because this food does not have meat in its ingredients, it is considered a poor food. However, yatimche has many fans because of its good taste. In addition, the ingredients of yatimche is mostly available and easy to prepare. In the Mashhadi yatimche, they use lentils, beans, chickpeas and most importantly eggplant. The key to achieve the best taste of this dish is using sweet and meaty eggplants. Curd, tomato, and sauté mint are also seasonings that can be used depending on your taste.

Lakhashk Ash, a native ash of Mashhad

Name of this delicious ash is gotten from native noodles that is used in this ash. These noodles, which is called lakhshak, are wide and long and are the main ingredients of this ash along with lentils and special vegetables. They use these noodles in many other best foods of Mashhad. The seasonings of this ash like many other popular Iranian ash are curd, onion, mint and sauté garlic

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