Famous Restaurants of Hamedan

Famous Restaurants of Hamedan

Introducing the important restaurants of a city is among the most important responsibilities of a travel guide website. As it was done for cities such as Tabriz, Isfahan, etc. we shall introduce the famous restaurants of Hamedan.

Cactus Restaurant

Cactus Restaurant is one of the most famous restaurants of Hamedan. The food quality at this place, its good and clean ambiance makes its distinctive from other restaurants of the city.

Address: Hamedan, Bu Ali Shrine square, Next to Melli Bank

Nal Eshkane Restaurant and Garden

If in picking you favorite restaurant you care about looks of the restaurant as well as the quality of the food, then Nal Eshkane Restaurant and Garden is a good choice for you. The fact that this restaurant is located on the path of Abbas Abad lake it has a great weather which makes this restaurant to be the first on your list.

In the old times because the neighborhood of the current restaurant was rocky when horses wanted to cross from it their horseshoes would break and that is why this restaurant is called Nal Eshkane Restaurant and Garden.

Price range: average and higher

Address: Hamedan, Koolab boulevard, before Abbas Abad

Nal Eshkane Restaurant
Nal Eshkane Restaurant

Atre Sib Restaurant

On the way to the Nal Eshkane Restaurant and Garden you have another choice called Atre Sib Restaurant and it is among the famous restaurants of Hamedan.

Address: Hamedan province, city of Hamedan, Ganjname road

Price range: average and higher

Atre Sib
Atre Sib

Saei Diner

Another one of the famous restaurants of Hamedan is Saei Restaurant. This is among the many diners on the way to Ganjname. The food quality and good ambiance of this diner are of its features.

Address: Hamedan. Ganjname, Beginning of the Tooyserkan road

Delta Restaurant

This restaurant has a clean, family friendly and relatively beautiful ambiance. The dishes at this place include a variety of Iranian and foreign dishes such as crispy chicken loin, crispy chicken, chicken schnitzel, chicken roulette, chicken scalp, kiosky, Denmark steak, vaziri steak, chicken nachour, koobide kebab, and a kebab known as soraiaei (a kebab that has been seasoned with capsicum and vegetables).

Price range: reasonable/average

Address: Hamedan, Mirzad Asheghi street, in front of the Sadie street

Delta Restaurant
Delta Restaurant

Ganjname Darius Restaurant

Ganjname Darius Restaurant is a modern and luxurious restaurant in three stories and with a beautiful ambiance. In holidays and special ceremonies, live music is played in the restaurant which multiplies its attraction.

Price Range: Relatively High

Address: Hamedan, Abbas Abad road, Ganjname complex

Misan Restaurant

Misan restaurant as well as having good food has a beautiful view. You can see the entire city while next to the lake.

Price range: Average and high

Address: Hamedan, Abbas Abad recreational and tourist hill, Shishei restaurant, Misan food complex

Ghale Bath Museum Traditional Diner

Ghale Bath is an anthropology museum which was opened in 1387 (Solar) in the Shariati street, next to the Ghale Bath in the city of Hamedan. The working hours of this museum are from 8 A.M. to 10 P.M. The historical and cultural complex of Ghale Bath, other than a museum has a diner. After visiting this historical place you can enjoy the best dishes at Ghale Bath Museum Traditional Diner.

Price range: average

Ghale Bath Museum Traditional Diner
Ghale Bath Museum Traditional Diner

Address: Hamedan, Shariati street, Mehr alley

Aryans Dizi Sara

If you are interested in Dizi and its quality matters to you then Aryans Dizi Sara is the best choice for you.

Price range: reasonable/average

Address: Hamedan province, city of Hamedan, Southern Bu Ali street

Other Famous Restaurants of this City

  • TahChin Restaurant: Pazhouhesh intersection, after the gas station
  • Choubin Italian Restaurant: Etemadie boulevard
  • Delzhin Italian Restaurant: Sizdah Khane, after the Bu Ali Hotel, in front of the Tejarat Bank
  • Pesare Khoob Grilled Restaurant: Baba Taher Shrine, right at the front of Fire Station

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