Fat’h Abad Garden of Kerman – A less known example of Iranian gardens

Fat’h Abad Garden of Kerman – A less known example of Iranian gardens

Kerman’s Fat’h Abad Garden is a dramatically gaining fame garden in one of the oldest provinces in Iran. It was forgotten for decades but now, after repairs and rebuilding, had become the most visited building in Kerman in 2017. Wonderful lighting features of Fat’h Abad Garden is its most attractive property, which can amaze every visitor. In this article, IranTrawell is going to introduce this beautiful garden.

Fat’h Abad Garden
Fat’h Abad Garden
The Story Behind Fat’h Abad Garden of Kerman

When Ahmad Shah-e Qajar was the King of Iran in 1830, Fazl Ali Khan Biglar Beigi, governor of Kerman, ordered to build a beautiful garden in a village called EkhtiarAbad in Kerman province; so when governors of Kerman could use it for resting or in their vacations. They were building it for five years and it is surrounded with pistachio gardens. There are numerous streams of water starting from Fat’h Abad aqueduct. You can see plane trees around these streams.

After a while, Rostam Khan Amiri inherited the Fat’h Abad Garden. He had 5 wives and when it came to his children, they couldn’t reach an agreement; so, Rostam Khan when faced this condition, he endowed the garden. The water of Fat’h Abad aqueduct finished and so, the garden came to its end. Days passed one by another. People forgot about this garden soon and it had been destroyed soon.

Fat’h Abad Garden
Fat’h Abad Garden
Plaster Works of Garden’s Main Building

This garden was one of the most beautiful gardens in Iran once a day and inspiration of building the Shahzade Mahan’s Garden came from Fat’h Abad garden. Homeless and addicted people used the garden as their shelter; so, as there was no protection, the walls, stones and bricks of Fat’h Abad’s main building destroyed and native people used its soil in their farms.

When the private sector rented the garden from endowment organization for 15 years, they started investing in there and so, the repairing and rebuilding process started. You could see a boom in Fat’h Abad Garden. They built restaurant, a special yard for medicinal plants, handicraft workshops in there as well as repairing the main building and editing and completing the defecting arts that once were the beauties of this garden. They also designed special lighting features in there, which is one of unique specialties of this garden.

Fat’h Abad Garden
Fat’h Abad Garden
IranTrawell’s Recommendations

Fat’h Abad Garden has a 13 hectare ground. It has an Iranian-European style and numerous agricultural farms and gardens surround it. When you enter the Fat’h Abad mansion, you see a big 60m*60m pond in your front. You can see the reflection of the building on the water of this pond. We recommend you to visit this garden in the evening. I mean a time that you can see it both in daytime and nighttime. Unlike the Mahan Garden, this garden is near to Kerman and people who live in there can visit it more easily, but we highly recommend you do not forget about visiting Mahan Garden. Although there is a restaurant in this garden, but we recommend you eat your lunch before coming here, because of its less versatile menu. In addition, they do not let you grab your food into the garden.

Fat’h Abad Garden
Fat’h Abad Garden
Geographical Location of Fat’h Abad Garden of Kerman

Fat’h Abad Garden, Ekhtiar Abad, Havanirooz Blvd., Jomhori Blvd., Kerman City, Kerman Province

You must know that there is no bus or taxi services for Fat’h Abad Garden; so you must use your personal car or taxi agencies.

Cost for foreigners: 120000 Rials.

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