Gandom Beryan | Desert touring in one of the warmest parts of the world

Gandom Beryan | Desert touring in one of the warmest parts of the world

Gandom Beryan (burned wheat) is ranked first among the hottest areas of the world, hotter than Nevada, California, Libya and Algeria, as the hottest spot in the world at a maximum mean temperature of 58 ° C recorded in scientific books, articles and travelers’ notes and records. However, temperature of Gandom Beryan in some points reach 71 ° C, recorded by some tourists and the local authorities.

Once, in many Iranian and foreign media quoted from Dr. Parviz Kardovani that Gandom Beryan is the warmest point in the Lut and even in the world. Nevertheless, it was a fake report and Kardovani dismissed this allegation and quote. According to him, the warmest point in the Lut desert is the Central Hole located in 75 kilometers of east of Shahdad. Its temperature was recorded in 2005 at 70.7 degrees centigrade and it is the hottest point of Lut. Therefore, any comment saying Gandom Beryan is world’s hottest point is not true. IranTrawell suggests that if you are on the way to Kerman, do not miss the objective discovery of this spectacular point of view about the Iranian plains!

Gandom Beryan
Gandom Beryan

What is the importance of Gandom Beryan? According to some narrations, due to adjacency of Gandom Beryan to the Silk Road, too many caravans and travelers crossed from there, and in the summer, they could see and feel the severity of the heat in Gandom Beryan and so, they chose the name of the Gandom Beryan for the region.

Geographic Location of ​​Gandom Beryan Plain

Gandom Beryan is located in the Lut’s desert area on the margin of it. At an area of ​​480 square kilometers, it is on eastern part of the Shore River, and is only 83 km away from the city center.

Gandom Beryan
Gandom Beryan
Characteristics of Gandom Beryan Plain

Gandom Beryan or Burned Rye has numerous hills covered with 480 km2 volcanic lava. It is located in 80 km north of Shahdad city in the Lut desert in Kerman province. This region is located in the east of the Shore River. The evidences obtained from local observations prove that because of the air’s intensity, even bacteria cannot grow there, and this point of the earth is completely devoid of life. In addition, it is covered with volcanic black basaltic rocks and lava, and this volcanic black coverage causes a high temperature in this area. This region also has the lowest altitude part of Iran, and this is another reason for its intensive heat.

IranTrawell’s Recommendation

IranTrawell suggests you to visit this plain in winter or early spring, which are good times to visit this area, do not miss the natural furnace!

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