Learn about how is Getting Discounts in Iran

Learn about how is Getting Discounts in Iran

One of the main attractions in tourism is purchasing unique products of the country. If you are interested in getting discounts from retailers while shopping, please be with us to learn some special techniques of getting discounts in Iran.

Fortunately, getting discounts in Iran is a usual part of a purchase; it is quite natural that people want to buy inexpensive stuff. However, getting the discount requires special skills.

Act like a well-informed customer

In general, if you intend to buy in foreign countries, you should not act in a way that seller get to know you do not have any information about the currency value of that country. Having information about currency value and acting like a professional one are essential. Do not let sellers simply take advantage of you and sell their cheap products at a great price. In fact, when the seller realizes that you are refusing to pay a high price, they will find a different perspective on you and suggest better prices.

Try not to show how impressed you are

It is obvious that you may get impressed by seeing your favorite product, but keep in mind that sellers must not know about your feelings. Definitely, when the vendor is noticed about your decision, it will be very difficult to get a discount, because he has realized that you will eventually buy the product and you just want some discounts. Imagine a situation, for example, you entered a shop, your eyes fell on a beautiful, elegant shirt; in such a situation, the wisest thing is to behave in an ordinary way without drawing any attention. In fact, being indifferent about the products motivates the shopper to give you better offers; otherwise, you should pay him a great deal of money.

Getting Discounts in Iran
Getting Discounts in Iran
Reduce the value of product as much as possible

Another trick getting discounts in Iran is discussing about the value of the product. So if, for example, a product is priced at 70,000 tomans, tell the seller that the value of this product is much lower in our country and offer him 50,000 tomans. Since the seller’s opinion is on 70,000 tomans, you can agree on the price of 60,000 tomans. Nevertheless, if you ask for a discount of ten thousand tomans at the same time, you will not get a good result.

Define your budget level for getting Discounts in Iran

The technique of budget level does not mean that you should go and tell the seller directly how much you want to spend. You have to do it in a very clever way. For example, when you want to spend 200 thousand tomans on a product, go for the products with lower and suitable price. In such a situation, you deliver this message to the seller that you want a purchase at this level of finance, so you will inevitably force him to reduce his level of prices without having directly requested him a discount.

Know the discounts time

It is very important that you get the discount at a certain time. Obviously, when the store is full of customers or the thing you want is a popular one, it is not a good time to ask for discounts and lower prices. It is better to wait a little and look for discounts after the shop is not crowded. Keep in mind that Iranian vendors are not willing to offer discounts in presence of other customers. So avoid shopping at peak hours of the day.

Get your complimentary product

 If you could not get any discounts, or you did not get a good discount, the best way for getting discounts in Iran is to take a complimentary. In this way, you can choose one of the accessories or a good product at the right price, and ask the seller to give it free. For example, if you bought pants, you can take a belt as complimentary, or after buying a cell phone, take a protective guard. At first glance, the second one may have a low value, but it will be a good discount for you.

Getting Discounts in Iran
Getting Discounts in Iran
Identify the seller’s mood

A very important part of getting discounts is identifying kind vendors. Unfortunately, some vendors are bored and often sell their merchandise without much discussion. If you want to get a discount, do not go to such vendors. To achieve this, check your dealer a little before purchasing. After asking for the price of your chosen product, you can ask for a discount. If the seller did not accept your request without a hurry, or if he was impatient or tired, you will notice that he is an inflexible one.

Do not buy from large stores

If you look closely at large stores, you will find that there are several people simultaneously working there, which in most cases, none of them are the main owner of the store. In fact, they often do not give any discounts to buyers and it is useless to discuss them. Therefore, if you are willing for getting good offers, the best way for you is doing the shopping in small shops. In such cases, sellers are usually the owner of the shop.

Show the tendency for cancelling the purchase

As stated above, if the seller become aware of your definite decision of purchase, will reduce the discount to a minimum. For this reason, even if you are willing to purchase the product and the seller resists discounts, you should role-play and pretend cancelling of the offer. For example, if you are going to buy a product and the seller does not give you a good discount, tell him politely and that if you sell it for a lower price, I am the buyer, otherwise I am not. Definitely, in such a situation, you will have to offer the seller a discount. Do not overdo it! Because it may cause violation of the deal.

As a final tip, you should remember that buying from stores that sell their products with an offer for any reason is a good idea and it can be an easy way to pay less in your trips.

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