Goharshad Mosque | a masterpiece demonstrating women's power

Goharshad Mosque | a masterpiece demonstrating women's power

Goharshad Mosque is one of the most famous mosques of Mashhad and Iran which is very popular due to its location near the shrine of Imam Reza and is considered one of the most important and crowded mosques in Iran. Anyone who has visited the shrine of Imam Reza has seen its beautiful blue dome and attractive courtyard which is one of the most important and crowded mosques in Iran because of its proximity to Imam Reza’s tomb.

Unique architecture of Goharshad Mosque

The mosque, which is categorized among four-porches Iranian mosques, has a large square courtyard with seven pray halls (shabestan) around. The porches in this mosque are among the most famous Iranian porches because of the numerous arts used in their construction.

For example, Maqsure Ivan, the southern porch of the mosque, has an inscription written in Thuluth script by Baysunghur, son of Goharshad. The porch’s muqarnas works are among the best and most impressive decorations of the mosque. Beautiful blue tiles with Kufic inscriptions around it cover the unique dome of this beautiful mosque. The architect of this famous mosque is Qavamuddin Shirazi, one of the famous architects of Iran.

The decor of this mosque is so magnificent that it is not possible for me to describe it and you must see it from very close.

Goharshad Mosque, because it was the Jameh Mosque of the Mashhad, hosts major historical events, most notably the massacre and repression of people who were against westernizing and secularist policies of Reza Shah Pahlavi.

Visiting Goharshad Mosque

The mosque is not very hard to achieve because of its location in the shrine and can be quickly found with a few queries. The mosque is at the top of the Quds and Jameh courtyards, at the bottom of Imam Reza’s shrine. The Ravaq of Imam Khomeini is in its right and Jomhori courtyard is in its left part. This mosque is located in the shrine of Imam Reza and you can visit it any hour of the day or night and you do not need to pay any fees.

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