Haj Mirza’s Tea House , Watching or Drinking?

Haj Mirza’s Tea House , Watching or Drinking?

Haj Mirza’s Tea House one of the most amazing place to eat and visit. Be with us to know more.

who owns?

Hossein Khajeh had a shop in the Tooti-Saray in Naghsh-e Jahan Square. In 1320, his son Changes his father’s shop into a coffee shop.

 Mr. Mohammad Ali, who was a Safavid slave, was very interested in antiques. He then collects antiquities to place it in his cafe. Aqa Ghulam Hossein and Hassan Aqa and Amir Aqa are the descendants of Mohammad Ali, after their father’s death, took the responsibility of the Tea house. The name of this place was Tired-House, At first. Because people went there to make a rest. Then they began to provide tea, yoghurt and syrup to the needs of the rests to help them. Gradually, there were ceremonies such as Taziyeh and narrative. This home-made tea house, which has been nationally registered, is the oldest tea house in Iran.

Haj Mirza's Tea House
Haj Mirza’s Tea House

Museum or Tea-house?

There are many museums in Iran that you can go to see the old things. But if you want a museum to see everything without glass and protective things, go to Haj Mirza’s Tea House and enjoy.

Haj Mirza's Tea House
Haj Mirza’s Tea House

Things you can see there:

  • Types of Kashkool
  • Kinds of lights and candlesticks
  • Dagger and sword
  • Shield and armored iron
  • Old tableau
  • Alarms and Zangole
  • Expensive Gems
  • Old Books
  • Old Dishes
  • Guns
  • Metal sculptures
  • Ghelyan
  • Lanterns
  • Rosary
  • Wooden implements
  • Small and large crockery
  • Types of coins
  • candlestick
  • old pictures
  • And …
Haj Mirza's Tea House
Haj Mirza’s Tea House

You can eat some of the following:

  • Tea
  • Herbal Tea
  • Nimro ( Fried Egg)
  • Omlet (Fried Egg and
  • Chicken
  • Barbeque
  • Eggplant Feed (Kashk-e Bademjan)
  • Dough and Sweety (Goshfil)
  • And …
Haj Mirza's Tea House
Haj Mirza’s Tea House

Visiting Haj Mirza’s Tea House

Address: Naghsh-e  Jahan Square, Haj Mirza street, Ahangaran market

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