Hamedan’s Residences | Where to Stay in Hamedan?

Hamedan’s Residences | Where to Stay in Hamedan?

Hamedan’s Residences are mostly appropriate residences that have given the visitors a variety of services and prices. In this article, Irantrawell introduces some of the Hamedan’s residences that have been approved.

Amiran International Hotel in Hamedan

The four-star Amiran Hotel is designed on the basis of the latest facilities of the day in the hotel industry. The special architecture of this complex is based on the ancient works of Iran and the design of the interior decoration of the hotel is inspired by the original Iranian statues and symbols. Amiran International Hotel which is located on the highest spot of the city and on one side overlooks the beautiful view of mount Alvand, and on the other side overlooks the vast landscape of Hamedan.

Main features of the hotel:
  • Amiran International Hotel has 55 residential suites in 5 stories.
  • Exclusive parking
  • Fast Internet access
  • Pool
  • Room service
  • Self-service breakfast
  • A variety of Iranian and foreign dishes in this hotel’s restaurant. Price range: average and higher.

Hotel’s first branch: Hamedan, besat boulevard, First Amiran Hotel

Phone number: +98 8138202020

Hotel’s second branch: Hamedan, next to the Payame Noor university at the entrance of the farhangian town, Second Amirian Hotel

Phone number: +98 8132541111

Parsian Hotel in Hamedan

Parsian Hotel Hamedan is on the hill of mount Alvand, and is not only the most modern and most luxurious hotel in the country, but also in various aspects is the most unique hotel in the western part of the country.

The hotel has a total of 45 classical and luxurious rooms and suites with all the comforting and communicational amenities, with seasonal and permanent luxury restaurants, along with international food menus and the employing of young and experienced forces, are only a part of its distinction with other residential and entertainment centers open for service in Hamedan province.

The hotel’s privileges include:
• Being adjacent to Eram Garden
• Less than one minute distance with city’s largest amusement park
• Proximity to the big exhibition of defae moghadas
• Five-minute distance from Abbas Abad hills and waterfall and Ganjnameh inscriptions
• Easy access to many historical, picturesque, medical and higher education centers in Hamedan
• Ten-minute distance from the highest and the longest cable car in the province and Tarik Darre ski resort

Price range: average and higher.

Address: Hamedan, Ghaem square, Eram boulevard.

Phone number: +98 81383800036

Bu Ali Hotel in Hamedan

Hotel’s main features include:

• 36 rooms (2 suites – 3 four-bed rooms – 16 three-bed rooms – 15 two-bed rooms)
• Two restaurants and venues to hold ceremonies and courses
• Distance to airport is about 20 minutes
• The hotel is located in the center of the city and is close to all tourist attractions and shopping centers.
• The interior space of the hotel has been inspired by traditional Iranian architecture, which is a distinctive feature from contemporary modern hotels in different places.
• All rooms are equipped with TV, central video system, legal satellite channels, air conditioning, fridge, toilets, hairdryer and telephone.
• Facilities include a safe deposit box, taxi service, room service, laundry room, exclusive parking, praying room, fax machine, and fast Internet connection.
Price range: average and higher

Address: Hamedan, Bu Ali street.

Phone number: +98 8138250856

Hotel website

Bu Ali Hotel in Hamedan
Bu Ali Hotel in Hamedan

Khatam Apartment Hotel in Hamedan

Another residence in Hamedan is Khatam Hotel. Khatam Hotel is built on an area of two thousand square meters and a substructure of five thousand square meters. The hotel’s height is more than 20 meters and consists of 9 stories and 33 units of flats and apartments that are built according to the latest standards and methods of the day.

Facilities of the rooms:

  • Fridge
  • TV
  • Cooling and heating systems
  • Bathroom
  • Equipped sleeping services
  • Internet
  • Audio panels equipped with radio and able to play music
  • Private safe deposit box in each room
  • Secure card locking system
  • Minibar

Price range: reasonable (average and lower)

Address: Hamedan, Palestine square

Phone number: +98 8134244410

Hotel website

Varzesh (Sports) Hotel in Hamedan

Hamedan’s Sports Hotel was built in 1388 (Solar). In addition to being equipped with normal living and accommodating facilities, this hotel has very good conditions for athletes.

Main features of this hotel:

  • Gym equipped with modern devices
  • Proper venues for martial arts and wrestling
  • Venues for footsal, volleyball, and basketball
  • Grass field suitable for football
  • Pool and Jacuzzi
  • Laundry
  • Internet

Price range: reasonable

Hotel’s sports facilities have separate costs

Address: Hamedan, Merianj city (6 kilometers into the Hamedan-Kermanshah road), western side of Shahid Haji Babaei stadium

Ali Sadr Guest-house in Hamedan

If you would like for your hotel to be somewhere with good weather and beautiful view then Ali Sadr hotel is a suitable choice for you. This hotel is located near the Ali Sadr cave.

Price range: reasonable (average and lower)

Address: Hamedan, Kaboodar Ahang, Gol Tappe region, Ali Sadr village

Ali Sadr Guest-house in Hamedan
Ali Sadr Guest-house in Hamedan

Other Housing Centers in Hamedan

Arian Guest-house: (average and lower price range) Takhti street

Safir Hotel Apartment in Hamedan

Ecotourism Residences in Hamedan

Another type of residences in Hamedan pertains to ecotourism. Ecotourism residences in Iran are those residences that are located in indigenous and natural settings with consideration of environmental factors so that they may be built and open for service in harmony with region’s historical and architectural texture and its natural outlook and have a lot of interaction with local community. Here we want to talk about residences in Hamedan that pertain to ecotourism.

Varkane Ecotourism Residence

Varkane ecotourism residence in Hamedan is built on a ground with an area of 252 square meters. Varkane residence is located 23 kilometers from Hamedan so that Eco-tourists can enjoy the clear weather of the Varkane village and walking around in this villages stony texture as well as having access to city center. Architecture and decoration of this residence are traditional. But it enjoys up-to-date amenities such as showers and bathrooms, bot Iranian and foreign. These facilities have been made open to public in the building of this residence.

Price range: reasonable

Address: Hamedan, Varkane village (20 kilometers in the south east of Hamedan)

Phone Number: +98 9011116727

Instagram page

Varkane Ecotourism Residence
Varkane Ecotourism Residence

Mazdagerd Ecotourism Residence

This residence has a traditional ambiance and so except for one room there are no bedrooms in other rooms. Among its advantages we can refer to its reasonable price. Also it has the following features:

  • Narration
  • Live music
  • Ecotourism tour with picking medicinal herbs and distillation
  • Handicraft workshop and shop

Price range: reasonable

Address: 5 kilometers into the Hamedan-Tehran road, Amzajard village, Fajr alley

Phone number: +98 9189111022

Instagram page

Mazdagerd Ecotourism Residence
Mazdagerd Ecotourism Residence

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