The Romantic House of Simin and Jalal

The Romantic House of Simin and Jalal

The House of Simin and Jalal is one of the most beautiful poet’s House. Since the house of Jalal and Simin, the two contemporary literary figures, has recently opened up with the title of “the house of literature” in Tehran, we will discuss the life and destiny of this house of Jalal. Stay with us.

Simin Daneshvar and Her Romantic Life

This literary figure and passionate, sensitive woman from Shiraz, i.e. Simin Daneshvar was born in 1300 (Solar) and proved at the age of 48 by writing the novel Savushun that women can write professionally, give new color to the world of stories and even reach fame in the world; such that this work of Simin has been translated into 17 languages. Some believe that Simin Daneshvar showed the same courage in prose as did Forough Farrokhzad in poetry.

House of Simin and Jalal
House of Simin and Jalal
The Marriage

The marriage between Simin and Jalal Al Ahmad is interesting because of the familial and cultural differences between the two families. But because these two writers had a beautiful mind and the femininity of Simin and the importance of her gender being ignored in society, this romantic marriage took place and lasted in a house that is believes to have built partly by Jalal in 1331 (Solar).

The two story brick building with its cyan door in Dezashib in Tehran, between the Rahbari alley and Arz dead-end. The house of literature after two years shiftiness from the Tehran cultural spaces development company to invite the cultural heritage ministry in the process of rebuilding this house that was sold to the municipality in 93 to turn into the “house of literature” has finally opened up, and all the appliances of the house were moved to the cultural and societal department of the municipality of Tehran first district, to be returned of course after the rebuilding is done.

But after two years the cultural heritage did not even know about this issue and the process of restoration. Eventually, after passing the legal process and restoration of this large 420-meter house, it got a public application, namely a museum. The Jalal and Simin kitchens pass through the green of this house’s door to new greenery; the trees and plants of the courtyard of this house will show its freshness from the very beginning. In the backyard, there is an old waterfront that has been restored and is now ready to visit. Any eye that falls upon that space can see and understand the beautiful and entirely Iranian architecture of this house. What can be expected from the blue pond in the middle of the yard but being magnificent? And surely this small pond has taken this role upon itself beautifully.

House of Simin and Jalal
House of Simin and Jalal

Beside the courtyard, they have also built these small cafés as it is prevalent these days in historical places. From the three tall and broad steps up and after passing through the glass door, we arrive at the third greenery of the house; it is the classical and cloth chairs of the room, which has created a charming and beautiful combination of red curtains and carpets. The white library of the hall, full of books, has given the walls and the white ceiling glory all over again.

The walls are decorated with paintings of the face of Simin and several oil paintings and a few family photos. The interior of the house is full of simplicity, with the ambience and lighting it has gotten from restorers. The hangover space is like a small room that seems to be a workplace and study room of Jalal, one of the most beautiful parts of the house. Simin Daneshvar’s work room, however simple, is very tidy and full of beautiful and memorable photos.

House of Simin and Jalal
House of Simin and Jalal

The house of Jalal Al Ahmad and Simin Daneshvar, although it was without any appliances, had some remarkable aspects, but it was better to see some appliances that were once touched by the hands of those two great figures; sewing machines, marriage rings, pens, books, dishes , cane and …

The Address

The house of Jalal is exactly on Shariati Street, between Shahid Baradaran vaezi Street and Ghods Square, Shahid Taghi Rafat Avenue, Bijan alley, around the corner from Arz dead-end, number 16, was opened on the 8th of Ordibehesht, the birthday of Simin Daneshvar. It is noteworthy that at the beginning of the street that leads to their house is the house of Nima Yoshij a prominent Iranian poet and has been the site of the crossroads of many cultural figures. The house that once reminded Daneshvar of their memories of life alongside the Yoshij family, and if it were not for her efforts, Nima’s house would have been destroyed many years ago. Although many enthusiasts and authorities are working to carry out the same work as the Simin and Jalal home for Nima, no further steps have been taken to restore the house.

House of Simin and Jalal
House of Simin and Jalal

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