Ice-House of Moayedi in Kerman | World’s biggest adobe ice-house

Ice-House of Moayedi in Kerman | World’s biggest adobe ice-house

Systems created for water management and saving water were the most important reasons that resulted in keep life going on in Iran’s desert regions. These regions in Iran even can export their products to other regions in Iran or foreign countries. One of the most important innovations of Iranians is a system keeping water and ice in their forms during hot and cold weathers. They used cisterns and adobe ice-houses for this purpose. Ice-House of Moayedi in Kerman is biggest one in its kind. In this article we are going to talk about this ice-house more. Stay with IranTrawell.

Water Management System in Kerman

Preparation, distribution and storage of water and production of ice in Kerman has a consecutive and obvious mechanism that now, even after hundreds of years they still have the best efficacy.

Ice-House of Moayedi in Kerman

As you may know, aqueduct is the most important source of water supply in central desert of Iran. All of the cities in that region use aqueduct for their water supply, even now, they have some uses in Kerman Province. These aqueducts have major role in lifestyle of people in Kerman.

They named every neighborhood with the aqueduct that supplied it. After earthquake in 2003, they discovered some new aqueducts under the city of Bam and Kerman Province is the first that have used this innovation. Although aqueducts had major role in water supply, but they were dependent on rainfall, so in summer that there is no enough rainfall, aqueducts could not supply enough water. Therefore, they innovated cisterns. They built cisterns in routes of aqueducts and these cisterns saved water for dry years.

Ice-House of Moayedi in Kerman
Ice-House of Moayedi in Kerman

They also built ice-house on aqueducts. They fill these ice-houses with water. During winter, the water freezes and when the warm seasons come, people use the ices in ice-house for food preservation.

Architecture of Moayedi Ice-House

Ice-House of Moayedi has a very interesting architecture. There were some smooth surfaces behind its thick and tall walls. Water to ice conversion happens in those surfaces. The tall and thick walls were responsible to avoid sunlight.

Inside of Moayedi Ice-House of Kerman

The amount of water that flows on ice mass each day is an amount that can be frozen during one night. In other words, the maximum height of water flown on ice mass is a few centimeters. This means people who built this ice-house must do it very accurately.

When the height of ice reaches 30-40 centimeters, they broke the hole pack into pieces and send them into the ice-cellars. They have built some cone-shaped wells inside of ice-cellars to prevent adherence of ice fragments. Every cellar had two hallways; one of them was for bringing the ice fragments to inside of cellar and the other one was for bringing them outside of it and the usually used the second one in summer.

Ice-House of Moayedi in Kerman
Ice-House of Moayedi in Kerman

In old times of Kerman, in first hours of mornings in summertimes, people who sold Falloode (sweet beverage containing starch jelly in the form of thin fibres), came to the ice-houses and made the Falloode under shadows of them.

Geographical Location of Moayedi Ice-House

If you wanted to reach the Moayedi Ice-House, go to the National Garden of the city, Moayedi ice-house is in Takhti Square. You can use both taxy and bus transportation systems to reach there.

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