Information and tips for traveling to Iran

Information and tips for traveling to Iran

Iran is a country with special cultural, historical and natural characteristics that is a great destination for tourism. This country has many ancient and historical works that reflects the ancient history of this territory and the originality of their civilization. Also, the geographic location of Iran has led to a great deal of climate variation in different parts of the world, and is one of the few countries where four seasons can be experienced. These features have led Iran to host many tourists from all over the world every year, for visiting this country you need to get information about this country and know some tricks to travel to this beautiful and historic country that we will continue to explore. Stay with Irantrawell to get some Information and tips for traveling to Iran.

How to stay in Iran

In most cities of Iran, especially in tourist cities, hotels, inns, and licensed places under the supervision of the tourism organization are the best options for tourist accommodation because in some tourist cities it is customary to find that the houses of the inhabitants of that city rent to tourists, and this causes some problems, and occasionally, events that insurance will have no responsibility for them.

How to use the Internet in Iran

Internet access and covarage? across the country is very convenient and extensive so that tourists can only access high-speed internet by paying about $ 15 or buying a SIM card from three active telecom operators in Iran. If the tourists intend to stay for more than 30 days, it is better to buy SIM card from Rightel operator, otherwise it will be possible to purchase the tourism SIM-card from other operators like Irancell and MCI in order to utilize their telecommunication and internet services only within a period of 30 days. It should be noted that, however, tourists are required to have a passport for buying a SIM card.

How to pay in Iran

Major travel expenses to Iran include fees for staying at a hotel or inn? and fares including taxi fares from airport to residence. You can use dollars, euros and pounds to pay for such expenses, but if you need to spend little money, you need to convert some of your money into Iranian currency. Stock exchanges are responsible for doing this and converting various monetary units into Iranian bills. Usually, access to currency exchanges is very convenient for tourists, because there is such a possibility at international airports or their hotels. Otherwise, reputable exchanges can be found in major cities.

Observing cultural issues in Iran

In Iran, because of the rule of law and respect for the beliefs and religion of people who are often Muslim, it is very important to observe cultural points when traveling to this country. For example, in this country, looking at women or shaking hands with them is contrary to the rules of the country and, if done, will create problems for tourists. In this country, kissing and hugging non-homosexuals is not well-accepted in public places. It’s very important to observe the privacy of people in Iran, and if you want to take pictures of landscapes and people, you need to get permission of them first.

Information and tips for traveling to Iran
Information and tips for traveling to Iran
Amount of payment

In Iran, there is no special law for paying money, for example, someone who transfers your belongings and luggage to the hotel or a restaurant’s waiter will receive a salary from their employer, but if the tourist wants to voluntarily pay them some money It is better to use banknotes of 5 and 10 thousand Tomans.

Type of cover in Iran

There are certain rules for the type of dress and hijab of men and women in Iran. Of course, the hijab of women in this country are very different from the Arab countries or other Muslim countries, and they are not radically treated, and women are less interested in wearing black and usually wear colorful dresses to wear. But the type of women’s clothing in Iran should be not be thin and cover their hands and feet as well as their hair. For this reason, it is better for female tourists to have a scarf with respect to the culture of the host country, and to cover some of their hair with it. If you do not have scarf, you can shop around. For men, wearing sleeveless blouses or shorts is not common.

Information and tips for traveling to Iran
Information and tips for traveling to Iran
Iranian foods

In Iran, and according to Islamic law, all foods served in restaurants and centers are legal. Halal foods are prepared according to certain principles without using alcoholic beverages. For example, slaughtering domesticated animals meet is in a special way or using animals meet such as pigs, dogs and etc., are illegal.

Foods in Iran
Foods in Iran
Drinking and Drugs in Iran

Using alcohol and drugs in accordance with the laws and regulations of Iran is prohibited and is considered a crime and will be treated if used in public places. For this reason, there are no official centers for their sale in Iran.

How to use the transportation system in Iran

The public transportation system in Iran includes subway, bus and taxi. Subway is usually active in some of the major cities in Iran, and most of the Iranian cities do not have the possibility to move passengers. Urban buses are considered as low-cost vehicles for the transport of passengers, which have two separate sections for the entry of men and women, each person entering the relevant section according to his or her gender. Taxis are also other public transportation vehicles, which usually carry 4 passengers, but if you want to be in a taxi alone, you should take it in the form of a trolley, which, of course, the cost of hire in this situation is more.. In most cities of Iran, there are taxi-finder apps like snap that provide taxi at any location and conditions with minimal time.

Information and tips for traveling to Iran
Information and tips for traveling to Iran

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I think losing your travel documents, money, and your phone in a foreign country is on the top place in the list of top things you must be scared of when you go abroad. You can google the list of the cities famous for their pickpockets and purse-snatchers. Now, if you’re coming to Iran, hearing the financial news in Iran might worry you a little; and in fact, the tourist centres and crowded areas are no exception in this case. But statistics show that Iran is almost a lot better and safer than other countries in this case. But, only in case you want to travel with peace of mind, keep these points in mind: • You don’t have carry your passport with you to everywhere you go; only a copy of that would suffice. No one usually asks for it. • You will need cash, but you shouldn’t carry all the cash you have with you. • I suggest you to put your eggs in different baskets, I mean split your money and put it in different places so in case you get robbed, you will have some money left. • It’t better to use bags and handbags instead of backpack in crowded places like bazaars; so you can always watch the zippers. • And always keep an eye on your phone!