Iran national museum, the Mother of Museums of Iran

Iran national museum, the Mother of Museums of Iran

Iran national museum consists of two separate buildings , including the museum of ancient Iran and the Islamic museum. The museum of ancient Iran opened in 1316  and is the largest archaeological museum as the mother museum. Stay in touch with Iran Travel.

About the National Museum

In the National Museum of Iran, most of the archaeological discoveries from the Paleolithic to Islamic period have been exhibited in two ancient Iranian and Islamic museums.

The Museum of Ancient Iran has two parts. One of the prehistoric Iranian museums that exhibited works from the Paleolithic period until the end of the 4th millennium BC and the other was a museum of history dating from the late 4th millennium BC to the end of the Sassanid era.

Iran International museum
Iran national museum
Islamic Era Museum

Islamic Era Museum with a hexagonal plan is inspired by the Sasanid Bishabor palace and was opened in 1375 (Solar). This museum is in two stories. This museum is next to the ancient Iran museum and has a stone exterior and exhibits historical works from the Islamic era from the pinnacle of Islamic era to the Qajar dynasty.

Visiting the National Museum

Online Tour

Address: Emam Khomeini Street, the beginning of the Tir 30th street, professor Rollen street, No. 1

Ticket Price

Ancient Iran Museum: 5000 Toman

Islamic Arts Museum: 3000 Toman

Iran International museum
Ancient Iran Museum
Visiting Hours

Spring and Summer every day from 9 to 19

Fall and Winter every day from 9 to 17

Dear visitor, in order to have access to the Ancient Iran Museum, you can use Imam Hossein and Imam Khomeini subway stations.

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