Iranian Doogh was registered at International Food Standard

Iranian Doogh was registered at International Food Standard

Doogh is a traditional Iranian fermented milk drink. Apart from Iran, Doogh is exported and consumed in other countries such as Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Iraqi, Syria, Turkey, and Balkans, and to less extent in
other countries of Middle East and central Asia.

About The Word Dough

The word ‘Doogh’ has been adopted from Persian term of ‘dooshidan’ means ‘milking’. Traditionally, Doogh was referred to a product obtained from dilution of full fat yogurt after vigorous agitating in special leather bags, called ‘Mashk’. Nowadays, Doogh comprises its specific physical, chemical, physicochemical, microbiological and sensory characteristics that are characterized in Iran National Standard #2453.

More about Dough

In present time, Doogh is a very popular and highly consumed product in ‘Iran with a considerable increasing demand for its consumption. It is now known as ‘Iran National Drink’. The annual production of plain Dough in
Iran was 14,400,000 tons in 2007. The consumption increase rate of Dough in Iran within recent years has been found as the greatest value among all dairy products. The exported amount of this product to different countries
in 2007 was 150,000 tones.
The popularity of Doogh arises from its specific organoleptic characteristics along with its health benefits as a healthy drink based on fermented milk. Some surveys show that Dough is also potentially acceptable in European countries and a day by day increasing demand is being observed for its export and consumption.

Iranian Doogh
Iranian Doogh

Necessary additions

  • yogurt or heat treated milk only containing milk fat
  • potable water
  • yogurt starter culture including Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus delbrueckii ssp.
  • food grade sodium chloride

Optional additions

  • natural or nature identical flavoring agents
  • dairy ingredients such as milk proteins, varieties of milk powder, cream, butter fat, butter milk and
    fermented- or unfermented whey
  • carbon dioxide
  • fine particles of harmless dried aromatic vegetables confirmed by national legislation
  • in the country of sale to the final consumer
  • Single-/mixed culture of carbon dioxide-producing yeasts and/or harmless gas-producing lactic acid
    bacteria as well as flavor-producing starter cultures rather than yogurt starter cultures
  • natural non-dairy components of anti-serum separation and/or thickening agents confirmed by national
    legislation in the country of sale to the final consumer, maximally by 10% of Doogh milk solid non-fat.

Doogh was registered at FAO

This Iranian drink was registered at International Food Standards. (FAO)
Dough has been listed as the only Iranian food in the world standards list.
Irantrawell believes that with more effort, more food will be recorded from Iran and our country will become more famous in the world.

Iranian Doogh
Iranian Doogh
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