Feel Iran, the First Iranian Famtrip | Getting to Know This Project an

Feel Iran, the First Iranian Famtrip | Getting to Know This Project an

FeelIran is the name of the largest Iranian Famtrip. This two-week program is the cultivation of a whole year’s attempts by Hoda Rostami’s team, she herself is one of Iran’s influences in the field of tourism. She has been invited to such events in other countries in previous years and is familiar with such events and has learned many lessons from their standards, and now has brought those standards to Iran so that she would be able to hold a similar event in Iran with the help of her young team and the private sector. In the following parts we will introduce this revolutionary event in the field of tourism in Iran.

Famtrip is a kind of familiarization trip in which those who are active in the field of tourism travel to the tourist destination themselves and gain a firsthand experience of the place and use this experience to offer a better one to audiences and their customers.

FeelIran is an Iranian Famtrip based on the ability of social networks’ influencers that attempts to offer a real picture of Iran’s tourist capacities to its audience.

The team that is holding this event is comprised of a group of young Iranians, and at the core of this group are Kimia Khosravi and Hoda Rostami, two female Iranian tourists. The RoStudio team, which is in fact the creative studio of Hoda Rostami, has been able to pay for some of the needed capital for this event by preparing some other events and selling their travel office, and also the audience of this type of projects and those who are interested have also helped and participated so that this Iranian Famtrip could turn into reality.

Iranian Famtrip
Iranian Famtrip

FeelIran has been held to compensate for one of the largest weaknesses in Iran’s tourism industry. Iran is one of the most ancient civilizations in history that is also located in a special geographical position and thus has an amazing nature as well, and with a rich culture, proper infrastructures, and a rare level of security in the region of the middle east, is considered one of the cheapest tourist destinations in the world; but the most important problem of tourism in Iran is that all these capacities and potentials are affected by the news and political matters and the picture of Iran that has been formed in the mind of the people of the world is influenced by media propaganda and is different from reality. And so, FeelIran project is among the first steps in order to reconcile this negative image that has been formed toward Iran.

In FeelIran, thirteen influencers from Turkey, Russia, Italy, Ukraine, India, and China travel around Iran in a two-week program and as ambassadors for their audience will touch different dimensions of Iran. These influencers will experience Iranian dishes, handicraft, tourism infrastructures like hotel, restaurant, transportation system, and shopping centers of Iran, and will talk of their experience in Iran for their audience. You can follow their experiences via #feeliran and #letsfeeliran.

The Guests of the Feel Iran Project

Erika Santos

Erika is one of the people who have been invited to the Iran’s Famtrip project and with 1.3 million followers in one her Instagram pages and 660 thousand in another, creates content in the fields of travel and fashion. Most of her audience are from Brazil, Iran, U.S., and France. Erika was the winner for the World Travel Bloggers 2019 and has also participated in the Famtrip of Uzbekistan.

Artem Shestakov

Artem is from Ukraine and in addition to being a travel influencer, is also a businessman and social media specialist. Artem has about 1.1 million followers on Instagram, most of whom are from Russia, U.S., Turkey, and Iran. The interests of his followers are tourism, photography, beauty, and fashion. To this day, Artem has worked with the following car brands; Porsche, Land Rover, Ferrari, and Mercedes Benz.


Vanessa is an Italian fashion vlogger (video blogger) and has about 186 thousand followers on Instagram. Her fashion and beauty tutorial videos have been seen more than 47 million times on YouTube. Vanessa cooperates with the brands of L’Oreal, Hermes, and other famous clothing brands. Most of Vanessa’s audience are from Italy and U.S., and are interested in beauty, fashion, and tourism.

Harjinder Singh Kukreja

Harjinder is a well-known Indian businessman, social activist, and restaurant owner, who is known in the virtual world for his family trips. Harjinder has 1.6 million followers on Twitter and more than 100 thousand followers on Instagram most of whom follow him for entertainment, music, and fashion.

Alex Atmolex

Alex from Russia is another invitee to Iran’s Famtrip project. Alex has not yet released a picture of himself, but by publishing pictures of travel and influencers has been able to gather 477.8 thousand followers on Instagram, most of whom are from U.S., Italy, Germany, and France. The interests of most of Alex’s followers are beauty, fashion, travel, and tourism!

Ekaterina Mishchenkova

Ekaterina is a Russian photographer and artist with more than 1.3 million followers on two Instagram pages. Ekaterina has won a lot of photography awards, has worked with ten museums and twelve hotels and many countries have cooperated with her for tourist projects, countries like Germany, Italy, Sweden, Greece, and Turkey. Ekaterina is a member of The Union of Art Photographers and also own shares in the famous camera bran Leica.

VuThéara Kham

VuThéara is one of the most famous French photographers and has 1.2 million followers. He is more known for his street photos with the atmosphere of Paris and has cooperated with famous brands like Coca-Cola, Google, and Samsung. VuThéara who has published a book in 2013 titles Point of View, has been named as the most influential French Instagrammer.

Mehmet Kirali

Mehmet is a famous Turkish photographer who lives in Turkey and his photography while traveling style has gathered 1.2 million followers on Instagram, most of who are from Russia, Georgia, Turkey, and U.S. The name Mehmet has been listed among the most successful and richest photographers in the world and most of Mehmet’s audience are interested in fashion, photography, and travel.

Alina Rudya

Alina is another person who come for Iranian Famtrip. She is a famous Ukrainian photographer who lives in Germany and her pictures are published in well-known magazines such as Vogue and Spiegel. Alina has collaborated with famous brands like Benz, Nikon, Samsung, etc., and has 65 thousand followers, most of whom are from U.S., Ukraine, and Germany. She also has a work page that has its own special followers. Alina’s galleries of her travel photos are very popular. Alina’s wedding is two days after her Famtrip travel to Iran.

Ciler Gecici

Ciler is the manager of a concert hall in Istanbul. He has 705 thousand followers most of whom are from U.S. and Turkey. Ciler’s followers are mostly interested in fashion and travel.

Tourist’s Portraits have painted By an Iranian Artist

and presented to Iran’s guests

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