Iran Pistachio | One of the most important exports of Iran

Iran Pistachio | One of the most important exports of Iran

Iranian Pistachio is one of the most important exports of Iran, which has a great reputation in the global market. This product is very healthy and has a very good taste. Iran exports its pistachio products to many countries all over the world.

Production of Iranian Pistachio

You can find numerous pistachio gardens in Rafsanjan, Sirjan, Damghan, Neyriz, Marvast, Anar, Shahr-e Babak, Ravar, Zarand and Nayin. Therefore, these cities are main producers of pistachio in Iran.

One of the most well-known pistachios in Iran is Akbari pistachio, which is known for its long kernels. In the global market they call it “super long pistachio” for its long, elongated kernels. This type of pistachio is one of the most valuable products in the global market and Iran is the only country that produces it. This type of pistachio is mostly harvested in Rafsanjan, Neyriz and Anar.

Iran Pistachio Trading

Islamic Republic of Iran and the United States of America are the two leading countries in the production and export of pistachio products in the world. These countries account for about seventy to eighty percent of the annual production of pistachios.

Pistachio production in Iran has thousand years of history, but pistachio cultivation in the United States was just began in the 1980s by planting Iranian pistachio seeds.

Iran exports its pistachio to the world

In the year 2014, Iran became the largest exporter of this product in the world by exporting more than 5,000 tons of pistachios. United States of America and Turkey rank second and third after Iran.

Iranian Pistachio
Iranian Pistachio
Different Kinds of Pistachio

In general, pistachio varieties are divided into two groups: round ones and long ones. In Iran, there are about eight known pistachio species, some of them are widely and commercially cultivated but some other ones have less importance.

The major export products of Iranian pistachio

  • Akbari Pistachio: This is the best type of pistachio and has almond-shaped, elongated and coarse kernels.
  • Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio: Its kernel is almond-shaped but its appearance is similar to Kalle Ghuchi. The red color of the kernel, the whiteness of its shell, and the coarseness of the kernel are the reasons for its popularity.
  • Hazelnut Pistachio (Ohadi): It has hazelnut and spherical kernel.
  • Kalle Ghuchi Pistachio
Iranian Pistachio
Iranian Pistachio
Preservation notes

The best way to store nuts is to keep them inside the freezer to prevent the growth of aflatoxin on the surface of kernels and nuts.

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