Isfahan Souvenir, What to buy? Where to buy?

Isfahan Souvenir, What to buy? Where to buy?

When traveling, like to take gifts for himself and his friend and family, to keep up with that journey. What is Isfahan Souvenir?

Isfahan and its souvenirs

Each city’s souvenirs and the souvenirs of Isfahan are divided into two categories: food and gifts.

Enamels (Mina)

Pug is one of the most beautiful arts and Isfahan Souvenir. The meaning of the enamel is the “blue sky” used in old poems. And since the main color of the dishes is blue and white enamel, and it reminds the sky, this name was given to him. In pugs, they make designs on copper dishes. Remember that pug on pottery is for Hamadan. So different designs that are usually white and blue on copper, silver and gold are called Enamel.

Inlay (Khatam)

The Inlaying art is one of the most important and beautiful handicrafts of Iran and Isfahan Souvenir. This art is related to the Safavid era. The art of decorating the surface of wooden objects looks like a mosaic.


Calico fabrics

The art of designing on the fabric. This art widespread in the era of Shah Abbas Safavid. First, put on fabrics known as chit for five days in a river or in a blue dish to clear it and remove its wastes. Later design the background with a color like a pale goldenrod.

Calico Fabric


One of the subtleties of handicraft is the etching on a variety of metals that has a very long history and dates back to the Sassanid era. The art of etching is a graphene on a metal surface. Or shaving and making deeper and more detailed motifs with the dents and, of course, prominence at the level of work, resulting from the use of the steel pen which is hidden.


Turquoise Art working (Firoozeh)

In turquoise, the small pieces of turquoise rock , which are mosaically shaped on the surface of dishes, jewelry and decorative objects (from bases to copper, brass, silver, plush or bronze). The artistic value and price is higher, when The turquoise dishes are more streamlined and more regular, with fewer spaces between turquoise pieces.



The production of picot in Isfahan has a prosperity and the silver makers of Isfahan produce sets of necklaces, earrings, bracelets and pins, and sell them.


Eating Souvenir


The main souvenir of Isfahan is Gaz. A sweet souvenir! They are divided into several categories and no body can reject it, with any taste.

  • Ardi (wheat): it is known and mix it in the wheat.
  • Mouthfully: it is made in same form.
  • Coiny: it is like the wheat one, but it is packing like coins.
  • Cutting Gaz: it is cut in a form of announcing the pith
  • Gaz with the chocolate layer

And both of these have several categories:

  • Almond
  • pistachio
  • Mix
  • Honey

And each one has percentages of pith like : 18% and 38%



Polaki is also the second food and souvenir of Isfahan, who has a lot of fans. The Polaki is a candy, and because it is thin, like a sequin, it is called the Polaki.

We have a few types of Polaki:

  • Saffron
  • pistachio
  • Coconut
  • Sesame
  • Cocoa
  • Lemon Omani
  • Mint
  • Honey
  • Gingerbread

Gaz Shopping Guide

You should certainly like to know what brands you want to buy, with which you can be sure of its taste and quality. Of course, it’s not a brand that has a bad quality, since it is a bake of old-fashioned arts in Isfahan. But most manufacturers of this product have good and high quality products. Here are just a few of the popular brands we offer to buy more safely. (By clicking on the names , you lead to the site of brands.)

  • Kermani Gaz : Abdul Razaq Street
  • Sekkeh Gaz : Imam Khomeini Street
  • Aria Gaz: Hezar-Jerib Street
  • Antic Gaz: Naghsh-e Jahan Square, at the beginning of Hafez Street
  • Sahel Gaz: Saeb Street
  • Mozafari Gaz: Sheikh Bahai Avenue
  • Dardashti Gaz: Abdul Razaq Street

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