Dome of Jabalieh of Kerman | the only ancient stone building of Kerman

Dome of Jabalieh of Kerman | the only ancient stone building of Kerman

Jabalieh dome is in the eastern end of Kerman near the two cemeteries Sahbalzaman and Seyyed Hossein. It is a huge and strange dome made of stones and plasters, which, thankfully, has not damaged much during the time. This octagonal dome, also known as the “Dome of Gobra”, is entirely made of stone, and is the only stone building left in the distant ages in Kerman. For a better understanding about the dome, read more about it here in IranTrawell.

Dome of Jabalieh
Dome of Jabalieh

Geolocation of Jabalieh Dome

This building is located in the eastern part of Kerman at the end of Zerisf Avenue, one of the historical streets of Kerman. Jabalieh Dome is one of the historical and spectacular monuments of Kerman that lies on the slopes of the Saheb-al Zaman Mosque’s mountains. It is worth noting that the Jabalieh dome was built alongside a hill, and therefore it was always kept safe from floods.

Dome of Jabalieh
Dome of Jabalieh

The history of the Dome of Jabalieh building

There is no evidence about the date and reasons of constructing this dome. Iranians believe that this place is a fire temple or a tomb of one of the Zoroastrians, and some believe that it is grave of Seyyed Mohammad Tabashiri; although many people do not believe it. European scholars such as Hylen Brand believe that this dome belongs to the Seljuk Dynasty, but this does not look so correct. As we said, this dome is also known as the Dome of the Gabr, and Gabr denotes to followers of Zoroastrian. Therefore, you can guess that it was built during pre-Islamic era. However, its style does not match the style of fire temples. It is believed that the building is related to the late Sassanid period that was repaired or rebuilt early in Islam era, or it was inspired by Sassanid architecture in the early days of Islam, which was repaired in future (including the Seljuk period, by order of Mohammed bin Elias).

Dome of Jabalieh
Dome of Jabalieh

Architectural Properties of Jabalieh Dome

“When you are going through the cemetery, you will see a rocky octagonal building that has a dome in the form of two crests, with a diameter of 18 ft. (5.5 m). Bricks cover it and its end is circular.

This place is called Jabalieh, and it is Kerman’s only stone building of Kerman“ (‘Eight Years in Iran’ by Percy Sykes). What is clear about the appearance of this building is that the roof of the dome is made of bricks, and inside the dome, apparently, has chalky decorations. Decorations of its higher parts is damaged and decorations of its lower parts is fully destroyed.

Dome of Jabalieh
Dome of Jabalieh

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Visiting information about Kerman’s Jabalieh Dome

Visiting hours: 09:00 – 18:00

Address: Shohada Street, Kerman

Entrance ticket: 10000 tomans

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