Jameh Mosque of Kashan │ The Oldest Monument of Kashan

Jameh Mosque of Kashan │ The Oldest Monument of Kashan

The Jameh mosque of Kashan is known for its more than 800 years as the oldest mosque in Kashan. It was registered in 1315 with the number 252 as one of the national historical monuments of Iran. Kashan’s Jameh mosque is the oldest monument of the city, dating back to the Agha Bozorg Mosque in the Seljuk era. The minaret of the mosque is the oldest monument of the Isfahan province. This mosque is the center of the largest and oldest religious delegation of Kashan (Abolfazl Kashan-Mashti delegation).

Jameh Mosque of Kashan
Jameh Mosque of Kashan

History of the Jameh Mosque of Kashan

In the recent excavations of the altar of the Seljuk period, the decorations belonging to the Al-Boye period have been identified. In summer Shabestan under the winter shabestan, there are beautiful tiling designs, and on the floor of this Shabestan, works of dishes have been discovered by experts from the Cultural Heritage Organization. The building has a brick dome that was probably repaired by Abdul Razzagh Khan Kashi after the famous earthquake of 1192 AH that damaged this mosque and this issue was mentioned by the Sols writing (Kind of Persian Calligraphy) under the dome of the mosque in 1207 AH. The Jameh Mosque of Kashan, is one of the oldest monuments of the city and is based on an older building, which, according to some expert’s idea, dates back to pre-Islamic period.

Jameh Mosque of Kashan
Jameh Mosque of Kashan

Some other experts, considering the works of clays bakeware and other explored spaces below the Shabestan of mosque, consider it related to the early centuries of the Islamic period, according to some of the historical narrations of this mosque, according to the order of Safiye Khatun, the daughter of Malek Al-Ashtar.

The mosque has two Qibla, one of which is deliberately destroyed due to the non-observance of the precise directions of the Qibla (according to cultural heritage expert’s idea), which is a very exquisite painting that may interrupt worshiper’s concentration, they have built another altar near the former altar. But ordinary people believe that this sanctuary was toward Jerusalem, and after the Qibla was changed in the second year of emigration, this altar was destroyed. In the other altar to the Holy Mosque, there is a verse of Qibla’s change from Jerusalem to Mecca, which is the reason for the people’s belief in this issue. It is said that in this mosque, Sultan Ali ibn Muhammad Baqir prayed, therefore, the people of Kashan consider this mosque to be very respectful. And the oldest inscription in the mosque is on the date of 466 AH, which was wrote on the minaret, “This is the third historic minaret of ancient Iran.”

The Architecture Features of the Jameh mosque

This building has the following sections:

  • Dome of brick with Maghsoreh
  • Elevated porch
  • Broader enclosure
  • Pool
  • Three Great Shabestan
  • Two main altar
Jameh Mosque of Kashan
Jameh Mosque of Kashan

The characteristics of Jameh Mosque are a beautiful and simple altar that is distinguished at the same time as the simplicity with the beautiful stucco made by Master Baqir Isfahani.

The mosque has two main altars, the Qibla is one tilt and the other one is right. Experts say that the altar has been destroyed due to its non-observance, and a new altar has been built.

Unfortunately, in the famous earthquake of 1192 AH, a large part of Jameh Mosque was damaged, during that time it was restored by Abdul Razzagh Khan, one of the rulers of Kashan, which lasted 10 years.

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