Kashan Residences | Where do we stay in Kashan?

Kashan Residences | Where do we stay in Kashan?

In addition to seeing sights and eating and buying souvenirs, another important issue in traveling is the residence. It is important to stay where with regard to the budget. In this article we introduce the Kashan Residences in a comprehensive way.

Hotel Mahinestan Raheb Kashan

This stylish and traditional hotel, chosen by the Cultural Heritage Organization as the most luxurious historic residence, dates back to the Qajar era. It was restored in 2010 and became a beautiful hotel in 2014. The residence is originally the house of the Shah Yalani and has a completely historic texture. This two-story complex has three internal courtyards, an outer and courtyard crew. Features of this hotel are:

  • Free Internet
  • Free city excursion: Saturday and Wednesday
  • Proximity to the Tabātabāei House, Historical House of Borujerdi, Garden of Fin, Kashan Historical Bazaar …
  • Address: Fazel Naraqi St., Kashan, 31
  • Call number: 031- 55452417/18
  • Click to see the virtual tour of the hotel

Ameri Hotel

If you are looking for a traditional hotel with modern services in Kashan, this hotel is the best option for you.

The historic Ameri House has become a traditional hotel and its history dates back to Zandieh’s era. The hotel has free internet access for guests. Accommodation is also provided in free for children under 3 years and for age 3 to 6, it is half-price. In addition to staying in the hotel, you can use the restaurants and cafes in the complex as well as the souvenir shop.

  • The hotel has 10 rooms and 6 motels.
  • The cost of staying in rooms for one night in the summer of 2018: between 300,000 Toman to 15000000 Toman.
  • Address: Alavi Ave., Kashan, 7th Bastan Alley
  • Phone number:
  • 031-55240220
  • 031-55240190
  • Hotel Ameri Site: Click Here

Morshedi Traditional House Residence

Morshedi’s house is 250 years old and is one of the historic houses of Kashan. If you have a room with traditional stylish rooms, handmade carpets and antiques, you can go to this residence. In this residence, you can stay in the room or in the motel. And the difference between the motel and the rooms is that there is a kitchen in the motels.

Alternatively, you can go to the drink house of this place and enjoy drinking a variety of syrups and herbal tea. Other facilities are including:

  • Holding special tours of Kashan Desert
  • Massage services
  • The cost of staying in rooms for one night in the summer of 2018: between 300,000 Toman to 700,000 Toman.
  • Address: Kashan, Kamal ol-Molk Square, Mullah Habib ol-allah Sharif Street, Bostani Alley

Traditional Morshedi Residence site: Click Here

Recommendation of IranTrawell

due to the lack of parking space and having stairs, this residence is not recommended for people with inadequate walking.

Negarestan Hotel

Hotel Negarestan of Kashan is different from the hotels we’ve listed above. The residence has a very simple design, it does not have a characteristic feature and it is good to spend a normal night. It has good facilities and is close to the Fin Garden and has the same view but it is far from Kashan’s historic houses.

Address: Amir Kabir St., Kashan, Near the Fin Garden

  • Call number: 031-55347000-7
  • The cost of staying in rooms for one night in the summer of 2018: between 300,000 Toman and 500,000 Toman.
  • Hotel Kashan Negarestan’s site: Click Here

Traditional Manouchehri House Residence

 The traditional residence of Manouchehri House has an antiquity about 400 years. This house is one of the most spectacular places in Kashan. Manochehri’s house has two entrance doors and it is one of the few remaining houses in Kashan, which are still in watering place. After three years of refurbishment, the house finally came into a hotel in the year 2010 and, by completing its equipment and facilities, it made itself one of the standard hotels of the World. The hotel’s special facilities include the watering place, which has become a movie theater now.

  • Address: Mohtasham Kashani Street, Kashan, Shahid Sabet Alley, Seventh Emarat Alley
  • Call number: 03155242617
  • The cost of staying in rooms for one night in the summer of 2018: between 300,000 Toman and 1,000,000 Toman.
  • Visit the Manouchehri Traditional House site: Click Here

Noghli Traditional House Residence

Noghli House of Kashan is a small, compact residence with limited capacity. Unlike other historic houses and other Kashan residences, this house is a traditional public house. Not belong to the old rich. But the main parts of a traditional house are windward, small pond, cellar, porch, kitchen and so on. During your stay at Noghli house, you will serve delicious local foods.

  • Address: Kashan, Kamalol-Molk Square, Mullah Habib ol-allah Sharif Avenue, Pamenar Alley, Khan Ab-Anbar Passage, Tile 20
  • Call number: 03155233324
  • The cost of staying in rooms for one night in the summer of 1397: between 200,000 Toman and 300,000 Toman.
  • Click to view virtual tour.
  • Visit Noghli’s traditional House site: Click Here

Iran Trawell Point: The car park is far away and if this matters to you, this place is not a good place for you.

Noh Cham Traditional Historic Hotel

The historic house of Adel Kashan, now renamed to the Noh Cham Traditional historic hotel, is one of the most beautiful and relatively small houses in Kashan. If you would like to have a comprehensive visit to Kashan, you will be offered a chance to see such houses.

This house was built during the Qajar era, and its name is known as the Noh Cham historical hotel, also known as the Morvarid Historic House.

  • Address: Kashan, Kamalol-Molk Square, Fazel Naraqi St., 6th Farhang Alley
  • Call number: 0315522449
  • The cost of staying in rooms for one night in the summer of 2018: between 200,000 Toman and 330,000 Toman.
  • Click to view virtual tour
  • Click to visit Noh Cham historical hotel site

Puppet Museum Residence

The Puppet and toys museum of Kashan was one of the most beautiful places we saw in Kashan. Puppets and toys that drowned us in the beautiful memories of a childhood that our salvation was not possible when we left the museum. For a few days, both his memory was in our minds and its talk on our tongue. What made this museum a different Museum is that you can spend the night together with all the Puppets and stay in the colorful and energetic rooms of this old house.

Address: Allameh Street, opposite the Tabātabāei House

The cost of staying in rooms for one night in the summer of 2018: between 200,000 USD to 300,000 USD.

Contact number: 03155225134

Puppet Museum Site: Click here

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