Kashan Souvenirs │ What to buy? Where to buy?

Kashan Souvenirs │ What to buy? Where to buy?

What is Kashan Souvenirs ? Do you know what to buy when you travel to Kashan? Irantrawell’s helping you to decide better.

In each city, souvenirs are divided into Edible and Take-able categories:

Edible Kashan souvenirs

There are lots of delicious things in Kashan Souvenirs . We name all of them for you travelers.


Baklava is a favorite of the Kashan’s People, which, according to its kernel, are divided into several categories:

  • Walnut
  • Almond
  • Hazelnut
  • Pistachios
  • Indian almond
Kashan Souvenir
Kashan Souvenir

Haji Badum

Haji Badum cooked with almonds powder and sugar powder, is a round, crispy sweetie that is eaten more often with tea and takes place sugar in many homes in Kashan.

Rose water and Distilled water

Rose water and distilled water are one of the important reasons for the popularity of Kashan. So these two products are considered the main souvenir of this city. If you want the essential distilled water, do your own distilled water of the year from Kashan.

Kashan Souvenir
Kashan Souvenir


A cookie is a kind of crisp and low-sugar cookie made from wheat flour, sugar, vegetable or animal oil, cardamom, saffron and pistachios to decorate it. It does not dry or rot in a long time.

Kashan Souvenir
Kashan Souvenir

Pashmak Kashan

Pashmak is a bulky snack made from sugar. Pashmak is made by passing hot and humid air flow through the sugar. This is known as a variety of names such as (Britain English: Candy floss), (US: Cotton candy), (Dutch: Suikerspin).

Kashan Souvenir
Kashan Souvenir

Muhammadi’s Flower Bud

The dried and beautiful bud of the flower of Muhammadi is one of those souvenirs that makes everyone happy. These buds are used for decoration of some foods and herbal tea. These buds are sold in various packages in Kashan’s Pharmacology shops.

Kashan Souvenir
Kashan Souvenir

Take-Able Kashan Souvenir

Obviously, there are common handicrafts in Iran, especially in nearby cities. In Kashan, like Kerman, carpet weaving, like Isfahan Copper-Making, is like Yazd as a silk weaving and is known as Hamadan Pottery. In addition, there are other crafts. Among the important souvenirs of Kashan, the following are more important:

Carpets and Rugs of Kashan

Kashan Carpet and Rugs is the world’s widespread souvenir of Kashan. Kashan is not only unique in handmade carpets, but if you want a special handmade carpet, Kashan is a suitable city for your purchase.

Kashan Souvenir
Kashan Souvenir
Weaving Silk (Shaar-Bafi)

Shaar is the name of a silk fabric that is woven with the help of a device. These fabrics, now sold in raw form and dressed in clothes, pants, scarves, etc., are Kashan’s good souvenirs. These fabrics, which are mostly beautiful colors, are from Kashan souvenirs.

Kashan Souvenir
Kashan Souvenir


The oldest pottery chair belongs to the Sialk civilization. And this can be shown the history of this art in Kashan. Pottery, sold in various designs and colors, it is well priced and beautiful and it considered as one of the best souvenirs from Kashan.

Kashan Souvenir
Kashan Souvenir


Giveh is a kind of cloth shoes that was made by the old people in the summer and winter, and now it is popular among the people and the girls and boys wear it of a variety of colors. You can make a beautiful Giveh as a souvenir of Kashan.

Kashan Souvenir
Kashan Souvenir

Where to buy?

  • If you want Kashan souvenirs with the good price and quality, it is the best place to buy in Kashan historical bazaar.
  • Big Safavid Market, Sabz Commercial Complex, Sepid Shopping Center, Shafagh Shopping Center: Kashan, Shahid Rajaei Street
  • To buy distillate, Mohatasham Street is full of shops selling distillate. The Beheshtian Store is one of the best shops in this street.
  • Nabat Riz Cookies – The Best Confectionary for Selling Souvenirs in Kashan: Mir-Emad Street
  • Confectionary of Kashan: Baba Afzal Street
  • Arya Sweet Confectionery of Kashan: Imam Hossein Square, at the beginning of Mullah Hassan Street
  • Yas Confectionary: Danesh Street
  • Nanak Confectionary: Beheshti Street, In front of Takhti Club

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