Kerman Bazars | Best place to buy souvenirs in Kerman

Kerman Bazars | Best place to buy souvenirs in Kerman

There is generally no trip without souvenirs. The order of the Kerman Bazars starts from the Arg Square and ends in the Moshtaqieh Square. This bazar is the longest bazar in Iran. Ganjali Khan Market, Ekhtiary Market, Vakil of Kerman Market, Sardar Market, Mozafari Market, Qal’eh Mahmoud Market, Meydan Qal’eh Market, copper market, Zargar Market and shoemaking bazar are among the most famous markets of Kerman. Stay tuned to IranTrawell to get acquainted with the markets and souvenirs in Kerman.

Arg Market

Arg market in one of these bazars. One of the most attractive places in Kerman, the Arg Market is built near to a square with same name. it starts from Arg Square and ends in Ganjali Khan’s foursquare. It is one of main bazars of Kerman and people of Kerman mostly come here for purchasing clothes and home necessities. The Arg Market is divided into two parts, called “Nagharkhane Market” and “Seraji Market”.

Arg Market
Arg Market

Do not forget to watch the façades of these markets, because each of them has a story from the heart of history. For example, the tall ceiling of the Nagharkhane Market is embroidered with colorful and oily images. It has several floors, which at old times they played Nagahareh in there to announce the sunset. Along the Nagharekhaneh market, we reach the “Seraji Market”, which is known as a place for saddlers and suitcase makers, but today it has lost its boom.

Ganjali Khan Market

Kerman’s people still are cooking their delicious foods in copper dishes. Many believe that it has both curative and therapeutic benefits, and if you are interested in copper and coppersmithing, you should certainly go to this market. However, this old art has undergone some changes. You cannot hear voices of coppersmiths from the shops, but for those who are not familiar with the coppersmithing still meeting with them will be very interesting. If you are tired of the roaming in the markets of Kerman, you can go to the Ganjali Khan Bathhouse in the southern part of the bazar, which has become a traditional teahouse, so you will enjoy the traditional music and traditional Kerman foods.

Ganjali khan
Ganjali khan
Ekhtiary Bazar

Along the Ganjali Khan bazar, you can see the Ekhtiary Bazar. This bazar is narrow width. In this order, there are sellers who have different goods to offer, and we recommend going and seeing their goods because they have interesting things like antiques and local clothes of the people of Kerman that may look interesting for you. Never forget the monuments of this bazar, which includes the Sheikhieh School, the Golshan Caravanserai, the Sardari Market, the traditional bathhouse and the traditional teashop, which shows the traditional texture of the adobe city.

Ekhtiary Bazar
Ekhtiary Bazar
Sardar Bazar

This Bazar is a cross-bazar that connects to the Ekhtiary Bazar. We recommend do not miss watching and enjoying the traditional fabrics.

Finally, Qal’eh Mahmoud market, which is a part of the blacksmith’s market. There is no longer sound of hammer slamming on iron and its hot furnace, and shops in this market are all shut down, but you can enjoy the architecture.

Mozafari market, Meydan Qal’eh market, copper market and Kafashi market all end at the Sardar market, but they have lost their boom. However, if you ask the natives and older people of Kerman, they will certainly tell about the good times of these markets.

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