Kish International Airport

Kish International Airport

Kish Island is like Isfahan because of natural attractions and diverse stores, hosts a great number of domestic and foreign passengers every year. Stay with us in this article to know more about Kish International Airport and its facilities.

Introduction of Kish International Airport

The idea behind the construction of Kish airport dates back to when government experts visited the island and noticed the potential talents of the area in attracting tourists. The construction of the airport began with the idea of the Hawaiian and Mediterranean Islands airports since 1347.

The location of this airport is in the eastern part of Kish, the highest part of the island, the village of Mashe , which is near to many of the island’s facilities, such as hotels and markets. Implementation of the airport was carried out in 1356 at the same time as the allocation of a large budget for the development of the island. As of 1994, the airport is considered one of the most crowded and equipped airports in Iran.
Kish International Airport

Currently, this Airport consists of 5 terminals, domestic and foreign flight terminals are separate from each other and each has its own incoming and outgoing flight terminals. It is interesting to know that it is possible to have 10 flights simultaneously from these terminals!

The Kish International Airport domestic flight terminal is serving the passengers from 6 to midnight. While the foreign flight terminal is operating 24 hours a day.

Active airlines in Kish Airport
  • Ata Airlines
  • Atrak Air
  • Caspian Airlines
  • Iran air
  • Iran Airtour
  • Aseman Airlines
  • Karun Airlines
  • Iraqi Airways
  • Kish Air
  • Mahan Airlines
  • Meraaj Airlines
  • Qeshm Airlines
  • Taban Airlines
  • Zagros Airlines
Kish International Airport
Kish International Airport
With Kish Airport you can directly fly to the following foreign countries:
  • Dubai
  • Muscat
  • Oman
  • United Arab Emirates

While with airports like Tehran, Shiraz, Mashhad, Dubai, Abu Dhabi you can fly to foreign countries indirectly.

Access to International Kish Airport
  • Mini bus
  • Taxi (white)
  • Taxi (yellow)
Kish Airport facilities
Restaurant and café

The weather of Kish is so pleasant that it definitely makes everyone hungry. So, it’s better to spend your time by eating delicious food instead of waiting!

Kish International Airport
Kish International Airport

The airport emergency provided service to Iranian and foreign passengers 24 hours a day.


Due to the fact that many passengers travel to the island in order to buy the best foreign and Iranian goods, they certainly need to use the best packaging techniques!

Kish International Airport
Kish International Airport

Diverse branches of banks across the airport makes it possible for dear passengers to do different bank affairs before and after flight.


Foreign passengers can use currencies for exchanging money at the airport.

Other facilities of this airport are as follows:
  • high speed Internet
  • • Special Pawion Services
  • • Limo services
  • • luggage keeping
  • • Lost items
  • • Postal services
  • • store booths

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