Kuh Sangi Park of Mashhad | the legendary twins

Kuh Sangi Park of Mashhad | the legendary twins

Two conic-shaped mountains of Binalood Mountains and one of the oldest and most memorable parks in the city of Mashhad are called Kuh Sangi Park. Both Mashhad’s people and the travelers of Mashhad have nice memories about this park, so after the shrine of Imam Reza and the tomb of Ferdowsi it is rank three among attractions of the city.

History of Kuh Sangi Park

Kohsangi Park used to be known as a lush place with amazingly pleasant climate. The nature of the park remained untouched until 1940, and people came there for hiking and enjoying their leisure. After 1940, with the construction of buildings and kerbs inside, it became a nature park. At that time, the Mayor of Milan donated several statues to the city of Mashhad that were installed in the park. Some of the statues were collected from the park after the revolution, but the Shirsangi Statue is still there.

Kuh Sangi Park has hosted many historical events for many years, most notably the coronation ceremony of King Abbas at the age of 16. Mirza Ibrahim Razavi’s tomb, Nasser al-Din Shah’s travel to Mashhad and his visit of this park and seven other tombs adjacent to Mirza Ibrahim’s tomb are historical features of this park.

Features of Kuh Sangi Park

If you look at the park from above, you will find out that the park consists of of two cone-shaped mountains from the Binaloud Mountains, which are separated from the rest of the mountains and have entered the city.

Kuh Sangi Park is one of the most beautiful parks in Iran. This is due to the combination of water, lush spaces and rocks in the park. At the center of this park, all these elements are assembled around Khorasan Grand Museum Building.

The development plans for Mashhad provided suggestions for a project named Seven Gardens. This project includes constructing a reception garden, a cultural garden, a stone garden, a nature garden, a tomb garden, a sports garden and a recreational garden. This plan also suggests building an artificial lake, Bird Island, building a natural museum garden, restaurants on the top of the mountain and near to the lake, building two indoor and outdoor playground complexes.

Visit the Kuh Sangi Park

If we want to give a precise and straightforward address for Kuh Sangi Park, we should say that it is located near Kuh Sangi Street in southwest part of Mashhad. This street connected the park to the city in 1962 and continued along the Mashhad railway.

The best time to visit this park is in the afternoon and evening, which offers you a beautiful view of the city, the gardens of Mashhad and the holy shrine.

The good thing about this park is that it is not necessary to use your car and you can go there using subway to help keeping the air cleaner.

Kuh Sangi’s Nearby Attractions

On a trip to Mashhad, reserve at least one day of your visit for Kuh Sangi, Vakilabad and Mellat Park, which are very near to each other.

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