Low price hotels  in Tehran

Low price hotels  in Tehran

Many people go to Tehran for‌ non-recreational affairs and they are looking for low price hotels and motels with high quality as they want a good stay. This fact made IRANTRAWELL to produce a content about suitable price hotels in Tehran.

Attention: When you go to some cities in Iran you may see people standing in the beginning of the town with a placard and introduce room or hostel to you. You should know that you would not see these people in Tehran. So do not travel to Tehran relying to them without considering a place to stay .

Tehran Ferdowsi Hotel

 Ferdowsi hotel in proportion to other hotels like Espinas Hotel is one of the suitable price in Tehran. While you can enjoy the quality and beauty of the hotel, you pay much lower price.

  • Quality: 4 stars
  • Price level: medium upward
  • Hotel’s website: click here
  • Address: No24, Koske mesri St., Ferdusi St., Imam Khomeini Square, Teran.

Tehran’s Morvarid hotel

 This hotel is one of the proper price hotels in Tehran witch have an appropriate quality. One of the properties of this hotel is the good location it  has that make it easy to access to Valiasr Square, subway station, business and administrative centers.

  • Quality: 3 stars
  • Price level: Medium
  • Hotel’s website: click here
  • Address: in front of the Aljavad mosque, Haftetir St., Tehran.
Tehran’s Bahar Hotel

Bahar hotel is a good choice for those who looking for a high quality and proper price inhabitancy. The building of this hotel is new and its location made this hotel one of the  most available hotels in Tehran.

  • Quality: 3 stars
  • Price level: appropriate
  • Hotel’s Email: click here
  • Address: No 5, corner of the south Bahar St.,  Ebghelab St., Tehran.
Tehran’s Iranshahr Hotel

 We get to another suitable price hotel in Tehran. Iranshahr is one of the oldest and most experienced hotels in Tehran. This hotel is in the center of Tehran and make accessing to different points of Tehran easy.

  • Quality: 3 stars
  • Price level: appropriate
  • Hotel’s website: click here
  • Address: No 81, contour of Somaie and Enghelab, Iranshahr St., Tehran.

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