Pardisan Forest of Kerman | the largest man made forest in Iran

Pardisan Forest of Kerman | the largest man made forest in Iran

Pardisan Forest in Kerman? We said that Kerman is a desert and dry province. Now imagine the largest man made forest in Iran is located in the heart of the desert city of Kerman. It is located near to a few historical and tourist attractions, and there you can see mountains of Sahib Al-Zaman. Therefore, it has a very nice and important situation. The Pardisan Forest, which has an area of ​​300 hectares, contains 500 types of cedar, maple and pine trees.

More than six decades ago, “Muzaffar Baghei” recommended to create a huge forest on the rocky grounds of the eastern city of Kerman by creating an executive forest committee. This forest, known as the largest forest in Iran, has had a great impact on the climate of Kerman, and in late years, with development of tourism infrastructure, Kerman has become a suitable place for tourists, especially the people of Kerman.

Pardisan Forest of Kerman
Pardisan Forest of Kerman
Jabalieh Dome in the Pardisan forest

Irantravel suggests you to not miss watching this beautiful jungle especially in the fall, as the collection is arranged side by side. The massive trees are tall and lush and make a pleasant weather. The tall and green trees have a major role in conditioning of air. Have a pleasure.

The placement of the Pardisan Forest on the slopes of Mount Sahib Al-Zaman, known as the Kerman’s roof, brings together a magnificent view of the mountains and forests. It also has a beautiful forest park, facilities including a restaurant and coffee shop, a playground, a sanitary and safe drinking water, a carting track, a motorcycle racetrack, cycling, rock climbing, as well as attractions such as jungle, waterfall, river, and mosque. The sacred Sahib Al-Zaman mount includes the Jabalieh Dome, which is itself a complete set for the welfare of tourists.

Geographical location of the Pardisan Forest

Pardisan Ghaem Forest Park, located in eastern Kerman and on Ghaem Blvd.

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