Persian Cat | A cat full of beauty, authenticity and nobility

Persian Cat | A cat full of beauty, authenticity and nobility

Cats are one of the most beautiful species of animals that are guests of many people’s house today. Keeping these cute and playful animals can give your home a different color and smell. Persian cat or Iranian cat is one of the best and most beautiful breeds of cat in the world. This particular breed of cats has attracted the attention of many people with its unique characteristics. In this article, we are going to introduce you to the features of this cat to boast about its authenticity, beauty and intelligence.

Persian cat/ beauty and authenticity together

Persian cat is one of the most famous breeds of cat across the world.  The first mention of Persian cat is in a letter written by a famous Italian traveler named Pietro Valavale.

The breed has been introduced to Europe since the 16th century and today is considered as one of the most popular pets. Evidence shows that these cats first entered the green continent from Khorasan by commercial ships. Cats with long white hair and blue eyes were the oldest imported species to the Europe and the Americas.

One of the interesting points is that in some European and American regions, Persian cats are known as Shirazi cats. Other names attributed to this cat are long hair, long Persian hair and Shiraz.

In the 20th century, following the rise of cat popularity all across the world, Persian cat or long- hair cat also gained popularity. For this reason, many of them were collected from Iran, Turkey and Afghanistan and sold under the name of Asian Cats throughout Europe.

Persian Cat
Persian Cat

Persian Cat | A Noble Cat

The mentioned cat has attracted the attention of many people, including kings and elders, because of its limitless beauty and its grouchy but cute appearance. The Persian cat is one of Queen Victoria’s most popular cats, and this has added to its appeal. Persian cat is admired by many people for its beauty as well as its polite and gentle manner and has been able to easily accommodate most families.

It was first unveiled in 1871 at the Cat Exhibition in Crystal Palace, England. This breed is not much different from its ancestors, but there have been some reforms. For example, the nose of this animal is very sensitive because it is too short and widespread, can cause numerous respiratory problems for this animal.

Life Span of Persian Cat

Persian cat has a special beauty and require special care due to their sensitivity. If you can dedicate a lot of time to care for this animal, it will have a life span of about 10 to 20 years.

Features of Persian cat

In the past, it was believed that Persian cats were of the same breed of wild African cats. But experiments have proven that it is not true. These cats are domestic and ordinary that under the influence of Iran’s climate they turned out to be this way.  Today’s cats, of course, are much prettier than their ancestors, and this is due to the breeding done by experts.

The mentioned cat is famous all across the world for having long, bushy hair. Short legs and big head are other features of the cat. This beautiful cat with blue or orange eyes has a small mouth.

Persian Cat
Persian Cat
Types of Persian Cat

Persian cat has many different types, each of which has its own beauty. The variations in cat’s hair color and eyes as well as the size of their body have caused the animal to be divided into several types.


In the 1950s, the Himalayan was created by combination of Siamese and Persian cats. This breed looks similar to Persian cats and is similar in color to Siamese cats. The naming of this species can be attributed to its similarity to the Himalayan rabbits. This breed of beautiful cats has been registered in the United Kingdom by the name of long hair colorful spots. Until 1948, these types of cats were considered as a separate breed in the United States, but afterwards were subdivided into Persian cats.

Flat face

Experts believe that the genetic mutation caused this type of cats to be turned out. This mutation took place in 1950. The reason for naming such Persian cats comes from Pekingese dogs. This type of cat had health problems, but this could not prevent its reproduction. Ultimately, the experts concluded that the Persian cat should have round head, large eyes, small snout, short bones and wide chest.

Persian cup or Persian doll

These type of cats, which have a smaller body than their fellow cats and are among the cats that have been bred. Other names that has been selected for them are as follows:

  1. The size of the palm
  2. Pocket
  3. Small (mini)
  4. Pixi
Exotic Short Hair

the 1950 can be considered as the year of breeding different kinds of Persian cats. This year, a new generation which is called short hair Exotic was bred of American short hair cats and Persian cats. The breed inherited its body shape from Persian cat and short hair from the American breed. This cat’s laziness is due to its Persian breed.


In the United States, they have tried to register silver cats as a separate breed, but that has not happened. The types of chinchilla can be divided into the following:

  1. Chinchilla Silver Cat
  2. Chinchilla Golden Cat
  3. Shaded silver cat
  4. Shaded golden cat

Long-hair chinchillas have a longer muzzle than other Persian cats. One of the most beautiful differences in this type of cat is having blue or green eyes. Kittens also have blue and purple eyes.

Persian Cat
Persian Cat

Appearance features of Persian Cats

Persian cat weigh between 3 and 5 kg and have large, muscular bones. These types of cats are very quiet and have little noise pollution, but their hair should be brushed daily to prevent insects from entering it. The long hair of this animal may bother you, but the beauty and innocence of an Persian cat’s face will cover all of this.

Beauty of Persian Cat’s Appearance

This type of cat has a round and beautiful forehead. Strong chins with wide jaws are another beauties of this cat. Muscle shoulders, muscular bumps and short legs but thick and powerful are other beauties of this loyal cat. Different types of Persian cats have many colors that we mention below:

  1. Shaded Silver Persian
  2. Smoked Persian
  3. Chinchilla
  4. The Golden Persian
  5. Tortoise Persian
  6. White turtle
  7. Double-vein Persian
  8. Gray Persian
  9. Leopard Persian
  10. Orange Persian

Behavioral Characteristics of Persian Cat

This cat is one of the most dignified breed of cats. Persian cat is very gentle and kind. The sound of each cat is different and the sound is very gentle and dulcet. Persian cat is independent and also very lazy. Due to the aristocratic nature embodied in this animal, it needs a lot of attention. If they have enough space and attention, they are very calm and do not disturb.

One of the interesting points is that this type of cat is adaptable and used to a steady life.  They do not enjoy sudden changes and may react. Persian cats are very obsessive and care about their cleanliness. The inherent laziness of this cat will cause its environment not to get untidy or messy and it will only move for food, playing or going to the bathroom.

Persian Cat Color

Due to the manipulation of genetics and different types of Persian cats in the world, different color combinations can be considered, including the most common colors available in Persian cats. These are as follows:

  1. Black
  2. White
  3. Blue
  4. Red
  5. Cream
  6. Purple
  7. Chocolate

The different colors in this cat’s hair, as well as their colorful and varied eyes, have made them as one of the most beautiful animals in the world. The unique beauty of this animal has made it one of the most popular pets and has given them great value.

Price of Persian Cat

The Persian cat is highly valued for its beauty, calmness and dignity. Many rich people prefer to consider this quiet animal as their pet. The price of the mentioned cat depends on different factors. The age, color, size, breeding and even the length of hair and appearance of this cat have a significant influence on its price. In different countries you can buy Persian cat in different prices. But in general it can be said that the price of this precious cat is about $ 1000 to $ 1500.

The relationship between the Persian cat and other creatures

As stated, the Persian cat itself is a quiet and silent animal. The animal will not communicate with crowded homes and noisy environments it will be bored in there. If you live in a busy environment or have a young, noisy baby, an Persian cat is not the right choice for you. This cat has high adaptability and, despite its rough appearance, is very emotional.

If you have a dog, it is advisable to avoid having a cat because it does not have a very good relationship with dogs and may cause problems for either animal.

Persian Cat Health

The mentioned cat does not have a strong body and is susceptible to a variety of diseases and germs due to laziness and long hair. Persian cat needs a lot of care and should be checked up every few months. The costs of caring this animal is high, due to this reason it is better to insure the cat.

One of the major problems that this cat is dealing with are:

  1. Noisy and hard breathing due to small nostrils
  2. Positioning of eyes
  3. Sensitivity to heat and high temperature
  4. Kidney disease (polycystic)
  5. Tooth Problems; many Persian cats experience tooth pain due to inconsistency between teeth.
Persian Cat
Persian Cat
  1. Skin disease including itching, redness and excessive hair loss
Hygiene in Persian Cats

Since this cat is lazy, this can put your mind at ease with respect to hygiene, but this cannot ease your worries regarding all aspects. The long hair of this cat will greatly increase the need for hygiene. The cat also cries several times during the day. Crying means running water from the eyes of these cats. For this reason, it is better to clean the area around the cat’s eye every day with a clean tissue to prevent eye problems such as moles.

Washing the teeth of this beautiful animal is one of the necessities. If you can brush your cat’s teeth at least once a week, many of the animal’s dental costs will be reduced.

The appropriate food for Persian cat

The following are some of the best foods for Persian cats that should be taken into consideration. Persian cat food has the following characteristics:
1. Must be rich in essential fatty acids

  1. It has vitamins for skin and hair
  2. It should avoid the formation of hair balls
  3. Must be palatable
  4. It should prevent urinary calculus
  5. Must be low-cal and dietary
  6. Must have a special shape

Cat in Persian Culture

Cats have a special value in ancient Iran. One of the major reasons for their value is their role in the war between the Iranians and the Egyptians. During the reign of Cambodia II, the son of Cyrus the Great, a heavy battle between the Iranians and the Egyptians happened. Some believe that this war took place due to the insult of Pharaoh of Egypt to Iranians.

This war, which took place in a region called Chelosium, was also known as this name. Herodotus, a prominent historian, stated that many of the troops of both countries were killed in the war, but neither side surrendered. So Cambyses II used a trick that led to his victory.

The king of Iran knew that cats were sacred and valuable in Egyptian culture, and because of their sacredness, they were not harmed. As a result, he ordered all the troops to carry the cat with them and engraved the cat on their banners and flags. The Egyptian army did not shoot at them, fearing to hurt the cat, and this led to the defeat of the Egyptians and the victory of the Iranians.

After Islam, people have learned more about how to treat animals, and they have treated them well. The importance of animals, including cats, in Iran is an undeniable issue. The importance of animals in Islam is to the extent that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “If a cat dies of hunger in someone’s home, that person will go to hell.”

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