The Tomb of the Pir Palandouz | an unknown shrine in Mashhad

The Tomb of the Pir Palandouz | an unknown shrine in Mashhad

Visiting Holy Shrine of Imam Reza is the most important trigger for most of the travelers to Mashhad, which makes people who visit this city unaware of the tomb of Pir Palandouz or at least there few people who have known or seen it closely. The tomb of Pir Palandouz is in fact the tomb of Sheikh Mohammad Aref. You might be surprised to find out that the tomb is near the shrine and you haven’t even heard its name.

Who is Pir Palandouz?

Let us first introduce this great cleric. Mohammad Aref Abbasi is the name written on the tombstone of Pir Palandoz. This person is one of the mystics and sheikhs of the Zahabiye dynasty who has turned to Shiite religion for the rest of his life. As he is known by his nickname, “Palandouz”, his job was embroidering despite his high mysticism. His birth dates back to the tenth century AH, the era of a famous mystic poet called Sheikh Baha’i.

In addition to mysticism, Moahammad Aref was well known for his calligraphy and alchemy. He was a master of calligraphy. Evidence of this is his seven-surah Quran written in thuluth.

Pir Palandouz’s tomb is in the northeast part of the holy shrine on Navab Safavi Street. The beautiful decoration of this tomb is one of the architectural highlights of the monument. On the ceiling of the monastery, Yazdibandi art was adorned with many exemplary paintings that exalted the interior. The onion-shaped dome of this tomb rests on a cylindrical neck. Decorations of the walls of the courtyard and brick spiked arches of Pir Palandouz tomb is a distinctive feature of the Safavid architecture, which most of it has been lost due to moisture and passage of time. Of course it has been refurbished for several times up to now.

This work was registered in May 1977 as one of the Iranian National Monuments (No. 1357). Apart from its spiritual value, this tomb has a great importance in terms of architecture and construction, and is one of the works of Mashhad that must be visited once in a while to understand its beauty.

How to get to the tomb?

This tomb is located in the northeast part of the shrine, at the beginning of Navab Safavi Street, which is also known as Balakhiaban Street.

If you choose going on foot option, you should go to holy shrine and find the exit of the Navab of Safavi. After walking 100 meters towards the bazars of haram, you can see street sign with “Sheikh Mohammad Aref” written on it

If you choose a car access, it would be better to be on Navab Street; otherwise, we recommend you to go to the shrine, get out of the car, go inside of the shrine on your foot, and head to Navab Street. If you were not on Navab Street and you still wanted to use your car, you should go to this street by crossing from Haram Passage where you have to worry about finding a place to park.

Note that if you are going for photography you should know that this tomb unlike holy shrine has no prohibitions for photography.

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