Popular Restaurants of Yazd | A Visitor Guide

Popular Restaurants of Yazd | A Visitor Guide

Yazd is one of the most beautiful cities of Iran, which attracts many visitors from Iran and other countries every year. Eating local dishes is one of the reasons people travel to different cities, and Yazd is one of the cities that has a great variety of foods. Therefore, traveling to this city without knowing its popular restaurants can ruin the enjoyment of travel for the visitors. Before traveling, it is best to make a list of the popular restaurants in the city you are going to. If you are planning a trip to Yazd and are looking for popular restaurants of Yazd, do not miss this article. Let’s Know more about the most popular restaurants of Yazd:

Khan Dohad Restaurant

Located in an old house, the restaurant benefits from a traditional style of architecture. You can sit in the restaurant’s beautiful yard and enjoy your meal. Besides, you can also order a hookah service along with your meal. Khan Dohad is known for its Kebabs, Dizi, and Fesenjan. Of course, Sholi Ash, one of Yazd’s most famous Ash, is also the best appetizer of this restaurant.

Address: Sangrizeh Alley, Azizadeh Blvd.

Yazd Hall | Haji Ashpaz Restaurant

Yazd Hall is one of the most popular restaurants of Yazd. Yazd Hall, also known as Haji Ashpaz and Agha Qahvechi, besides its delicious foods, it is also used as a hall for celebrations and ceremonies. For many travelers, the Baghali Polo with muscle meat is the restaurant’s most delicious meal.

Address: Before Quran Gate, Jomhori Blvd.

Moshir al-Mamalek Restaurant

Mushir al-Mamalek Restaurant is located in a hotel with the same name. The restaurant serves a variety of Iranian food, seafood and European food, so it is one of the first choices of tourists of Yazd. Among the most famous restaurants of Yazd, this restaurant has a special place. Moshir al-Mamalek’s Kebabs are among the most popular dishes for the tourists. The hotel has a rooftop café, where you can have a great view of Yazd’s historical texture and enjoy the fresh air of outdoor. This café unlike most of the other cafes of Yazd has a traditional atmosphere with colorful walls.

Address: Moshir al-Mamalek Blvd., Enghelab Ave.

Popular Restaurants of Yazd
Mozafar Traditional Restaurant of Yazd

Mozafar Restaurant of Yazd, is built in the Traditional Hotel of Mozafar, is one of the most popular traditional restaurants in the city. This hotel has a restaurant, a traditional teahouse and a coffee shop. The restaurant’s menu features Iranian and French cuisine. The guests can enjoy the wonderful fountains in the middle of the courtyard and the sound of the water, along with enjoying the delicious food. This restaurant has beautiful lush trees that make the space more pleasant for the guests.

Address: Mozafar Traditional Restaurant of Yazd, Next to Mokhaberat, Shahid Bokahi Alley, Motahari St.

Marco Polo Restaurant

Marco Polo Restaurant is restaurant of the Shargh Hotel. Its unique scenery has made it the most special restaurant of popular restaurants of Yazd. Restaurant’s fresh kebabs and fresh breads in addition to its Yazdi lentil soups are the best choices for you in the restaurant’s menu. Of course, it’s good to know that Yazdi lentil soup is served only on certain days.

Address: Masjed Jameh St.

Yazd Malek Al-Tojar Hotel Restaurant

Malek Al-Tojar Restaurant of Yazd is also one of the traditional restaurants, and it is one the bests of popular restaurants of Yazd. If you are interested in traditional places, do not miss this restaurant. Malek al-Tojar restaurant has a variety of traditional and Iranian dishes that receives an acceptable quality rating.

Address: Panje Ali Bazar, Qiam St.

Jade Abrisham (Silk Road) Restaurant

The most important feature of the Silk Road Restaurant is its location, which is in the oldest residential area of ​​Yazd, also registered in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Of course, in terms of the quality of its traditional foods, this restaurant has gotten a very high score.

Address: Nou Alley, Masjed Jameh St.

Popular Restaurants of Yazd
Termeh and Toranj Restaurant

The traditional atmosphere of the restaurant, along with its great foods, has made this restaurant one of the best options to choose from popular restaurants of Yazd. If you go to this restaurant, try not to miss it.

Address: Fahadan Neighborhood of Yazd

Caesar Restaurant

If you are looking for Italian foods, especially pizza, the best choice is Caesar Restaurant. Of course, Caesar Restaurant in addition to its European foods, it has Iranian foods too. However, the major part of this restaurant’s identity is its Italian foods. Unlike many restaurants in Yazd, Caesar does not have a traditional atmosphere. The best choices in this restaurant are Caesar salad, steak pizza, margarita pizza, garlic bread and Alfredo pasta.

Address: Sonbol St., Abuzar Square

Dragon Italian Restaurant

Like the Caesar, Dragon Restaurant is one of most popular restaurants of Yazd among the travelers and the people of Yazd itself. The high quality of the restaurant’s food has made it a popular attraction.

Address: Safaiyeh

Bam Café Restaurant of Yazd

Yazd’s Bam Restaurant, along with its delicious foods, offers a spectacular landscape view for the customer, which is very enjoyable. You can sit by the window and enjoy viewing the windmills and the illuminated night of Yazd.

Address: After the Melli Bank, at the beginning of Jami Masjid Street

Panahande Cafe

Among the popular restaurants of Yazd, Refugee Cafe is the oldest. This café is located in one of the oldest bazars in Yazd called Panje Ali Bazar, which will be very enjoyable for travelers as they can go for shopping after enjoying a meal and having a rest. It is good to know that you can never find Panahande Café closed. It is always open at any time of the year. The menu of the café has a very good variety of traditional dishes. The Adasi of this restaurant would be one of the best Adasis you have ever eaten.

Address: Panje Ali Bazar

Popular Restaurants of Yazd
Fooka Traditional Café Restaurant

Fooka Traditional Café Restaurant is also one of the best choices for foreign tourists because of its two Persian and English menus as well as Iranian and European dishes. Although it has only a few years past since the establishment of this restaurant, it has found a good place among the travelers and even Yazd’s own people. It has become one of the most popular restaurants of Yazd in recent years. The restaurant’s unique decoration brings a different experience to its customers.

Address: Before Jameh Mosque, Masjed Jameh St.

Simorgh Restaurant

Simorgh restaurant, like the Fooka Café Restaurant, has a menu of Iranian dishes, European dishes and fast foods, so it can be a great choice for people who have traveled in big groups. This restaurant is categorized as traditional restaurants.

Address: Imam Jafar Sadegh Boulevard.

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