Prince Mahan Garden of Kerman |Worldwide Iranian garden

Prince Mahan Garden of Kerman |Worldwide Iranian garden

Iran is one of global tourism destinations due to its traditional and original texture. Also it is a four seasons country and it has a unique and attractive nature. IranTrawell is going to introduce Prince Mahan Garden of Kerman, which was registered in UNESCO’s world heritage sites in 2010.

First IranTrawell will give you a full information about past history of this Iranian Garden.

The slope of the Shazde mahan garden
The slope of the Shazde mahan garden
History of the worldwide Iranian garden of Kerman

The important thing about this garden is its manufacture. As told before, Fat’h Abad Garden, a Qajari Garden placed in 25 kilometers of Kerman in Ekhtiar Abad Village inspired manufacturing of Prince Mahan Garden.

Abdolhamid Mirza Naser Al-doleh was building this garden in Qajar Dynasty, but after his death, the building proccess of the garden stopped and was unfinished for decades.

Prince Mahan Garden was damaged twice, once in 1337 SH and another time in earthquake of 1360 SH, but they repaired it. After a while, the Art and Culture Office bought it and they registered its name in National Works of Iran.

Location of Prince Mahan Garden of Kerman

This garden, which was built in late times of Qajar Dynasty, is one of the biggest and most beautiful gardens in Iran. It is in Kerman Province, in two kilometers of Mahan City and 30 kilometers of Kerman City placed on hillsides of Tigran Mountains.

Architecture and nature of Prince Mahan Kerman

A unique feature of this garden that makes it even more fantastic is its green and beautiful nature in middle of a desert region. Its tall and old trees and spiritual sound of water running through them makes it the most beautiful garden in Iran. This Garden is a good example of Iranian flat gardens and has 5.5 hectares area.

It has a unique and special architecture. When you are going inside of the garden, the first thing that may draw you attention is its beautiful façade. Seeing tempest of water in ponds and waterfalls and its special green space design will amaze every visitor. The main building in the garden is a palace, which in the past times, owners of the garden used it as their main or seasonal residence. There are numerous rooms in top floor of this wonderful building. They used these rooms only for hosting their guests. Other parts of the garden includes a traditional Iranian bathhouse and an alcove, which in Iranian culture of architecture, the design of this part is the most beautiful and equipped part of any mansion.

Prince Mahan Garden
Prince Mahan Garden

Thanks to heartsome fountains, big ponds and smell of full of fruit trees, the beauty of Prince Mahan Garden is indescribable. IranTrawell recommends you to visit this garden and see its wonders and beauties with your own eyes. You will love it because it is the mixture of original Iranian architecture and desert’s stellar sky.

If you are a fan of autumnal colors and you like its vivid colors, IranTrawell has a special recommendation for you to visit this garden in autumn.

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