Puppet & Toy Museum House

Puppet & Toy Museum House

Puppet & Toy Museum House of Kashan is one of the most beautiful places that can be seen in Kashan.

Amir Sohrabi

Early in the fall of 2010, he began to travel to various cities and villages to study and record the joyous performances of Isfahan, and during the various trips he was able to prepare a beautiful collection. This collection is now known as Puppet & Toy Museum House of Kashan.

Residence of Puppet & Toy Museum House of Kashan

What made this museum a different museum is that you can spend one night of your travel with all the Puppets together and stay in the colorful and energetic rooms of the old house.

Puppets (Dolls) Room

The Puppets categorized in two types: fixed bodies and moving bodies.

There were fixed bodies from the 7th millennium BC. But in the 3rd millennium BC, the bodies encountered with putting joint in Jiroft, and this is a milestone for the development of the Puppetry.


Playing with some animal bones is one of the very old games of Iran. How? They used the patella of knees of Cows or Sheep. This bone has three different sides. The Players throw three bones on the ground and one of the three sides falls on the ground and then players takes the points. Each side of the bone had a name (Which is Called Ghaab). The Naghsh (winner), the Goat (loser) and the Bi-Bord (the one who turns his game to the others). The worst side is the Goat Side or the SePeleshk (now called Zepeleshk). And its meaning is dirty and polluted. These days they play the same match with Match.

Kheyme-Shab Bazi (Puppetry Show)

Kheyme-Shab Bazi is the traditional Iranian Puppetry Shows that were played at parties and weddings before the era of TVs and radio. A poem by Omar Khayyam, which is used four Jargon of Kheyme-Shab Bazi, shows that the play was performed in the fourth century.

The main character of this Puppetry show was a Puppet who had a black face and it called Mubarak. In fact, Mubarak Continued and told the story with his jokes and funny acts. The Story which was told from Qajar until Now is the wedding of the son of Shah Salim or King Salim. The story is about Preparation of everyone for the wedding in his palace. They cleaned the Palace with water and Coffee-Man brought tea, Dervishes and Athletes were sing. And finally, Mullah comes and read the sermons of the marriage. The Kheyme-Shab Bazi has not a complicated story, and these are the characters that run the show.

Second Part

Kids Puppet Playing

Mothers and grandmothers made Puppets for their children and grandchildren. And in each area, the Puppets were in Different shapes.

In the past, people believed that Humans should not create something and God’s creation is unique. So Old puppets did not have a Detailed-Face. For example, they did not have eyes. Because it was believed that the eye is the gate for entrance to the soul.

Ritual Puppets

Gandomi Puppets (Wheat-Made Puppets)

These are Pupepets that have a religious and ritual background. Like the same one that is made in Nahavand. After harvesting the wheat, they made the Puppets from wheat and they put it on the wall of the house to bring blessing. And near the Nowruz, they put it in the water to be green.

Gandomi puppet
Gandomi puppet

Berenji Puppets (Rice-Made Puppets)

The following example belongs to Guilan and the name of that is Warza-Moshteh. It was made by Rice. This Puppets has a beautiful mythological background. In Guilan, Varza Cow or Hump Cow is very important. Because it plows the earth; it is a symbol of the fertilization of the earth. They Put the Puppet on wall. When the cow wanted to go to plow, the housewife set up a ceremony for it. They hang an orange and Henna on its forehead and puts the mirror on its neck and eventually gives the puppet to the cow to eat. It was sacred for people What was remained and fall from the mouth of the Cow on the floor, and many took it and put it in a rice bag!! So beautiful!

Rice made puppet
Rice made puppet
Rain-Seeking Puppets

A group of Puppets have been made for seeking the rain when the sky is empty from raining. They are performing a ceremony to seeking the rain from the Sky.The name of this Puppet is Choli-Ghizak, and when they seek for raining, they were taken the puppet to the streets and danced and sung for seeking the rain. The people gathered and spray the water on them. Or they would give them peas and beans and soup ingredients to seeking the rain. The upper Puppet belonged to Nishapur and the lower belonged to The Kurd, and its name in the Kurdish language is “Book-Baran” that means bride of the rain.

rain sekkeng puppet
rain sekkeng puppet
Wooden horse

This Puppet was called in Khorasan a wooden horse and in Tehran and Isfahan the was called Donkey. In the past, they entered the Puppets, went to celebrations, read poems and Making people laughed.

wooden horse
wooden horse
Ali Bala

Ali Bala or Ali Varjeh is one of the funny puppets which is moving up and down with his hands. The doll is a wooden dummy that is attached to two wooden rods and then it is attached to the body by a metal rod. With moving the wooden rods, you can move the threads, and the dummy balances in a very interesting Form.

Ali bala
Ali bala

The Takam in Azeri language means “My Goat”. They took the Puppet to the street near the Nowruz celebration and read poetry and congratulated Nowruz to the people.


Puppet Of Other Country

Visiting Information of Puppet & Toy Museum

Address of the Museum of Puppet & Toy Museum House: Kashan, Fazel Naraqi St, Alavi Avenue, Bastan Sixth, opposite the Tabatabai’s House, Allama Dead-end, No. 43

Contact number: 03155225134

Ticket price: 10000 Toman

Visit time: 9am to 2pm | 5 pm to 8:30 pm

Click to go to the museum site

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