Qeysarie Market in Naghsh-e Jahan Square

Qeysarie Market in Naghsh-e Jahan Square

In the old days, Qeysarie was said to be on long market paths. The Qeysarie markets have doors and the door closes when the shopkeepers were closed. In this market, shopkeeper sale the graceful, decorative and expensive Products. Meanwhile, Chardon, a well-known traveler, believes that because of the similarity of this market to Caesarea in modern Turkey, this name has been put to it. Before you go into the market, you’ll certainly have a lot to do with the Qeysarie market. Paintings, vaulted or arched and tiles are beautiful things that you cannot be quickly and easily passed through.


This market was built between 1011 and 1029 AH and during the Safavid era, which is one of the most important Market in that era. The Qeysarie market is also known as the Soltani market. This market was a very famous and luxurious shopping mall of the Safavid era, which was created in 1029 AH in the north of Naghsh-e Jahan Square.

Qeysarie Market
Qeysarie Market

Over-Door of Qeysarie

Paintings, Mogharnas and tiles, the beauty of the scarf, the Qeysarie market will fascinate you first.

Appearance of the Over-Door

The hall of the Qeysarie market has three floors in the past and its third floor was timpani house. And the timpani house is a place where music was announced at certain times and times of the day, important news events, announcements, and so on. Two Lachak represent the highest part of the altar, the constellation of the horoscope of the city of Isfahan is in (arc tower), because the Orientalists conceive the emergence of Isfahan in the arch tower constellation.

In the tiled image, you will see a young shooter with a Safavid dress, with a lion’s body (with Slimy design). This image represents the war of a shooter (Arash Kamangir) with a legendary animal tail. Along the top walls of the courtyard, we see two tiles which are calligraphy with the Saadi’s poem:

Our goal was to build a building that was worthy of remembrance of us

Because the world and universe will never remain

We hope that a conscious man

One day, pray the dervishes for their works


The main sculptural painting is located on the top in the large entrance door; this illustration of Shah Abbas’s war with Uzbakan. In this painting (above right) you can see Shah Abbas. Also, the flag that says ” Victory from Allah and an imminent conquest; and give good tidings to the believers” on the left side of the hangar you can see separating filth and getting to the clean mind Signs. On the right, a festivity has been depicted with Western elements and people dressed in Western (French) clothes.



The architecture of this market is attributed to Ali Akbar Isfahani. Qeysarie market is one of the biggest and most beautiful markets in Isfahan and the world. In the west of the market, there is a beautiful caravanserai that has two floors, and in its two floors there are about 148 shops. In the eastern part of this market, there is a mint, which has now become a trading house, in which various items, such as all sorts of fabrics, Isfahani etching, and such items are sold.


The Qeysarie market has two floors. The top floor was dedicated to office and commercial affairs, and there were shops on the downstairs. The shops of various guilds have been deployed together.

Economic institutions are also other attractions that have existed in the markets. Some of these institutions are called “Timche” and Sara, which are still active. This market and caravansaries make Isfahan a thriving market, and everyone is keen on seeing it.


Recommendations of Irantrawell

You can visit and buy the handicrafts while visiting the historical and architectural beauty of this market. Now the variety of shops is increasing and there are a variety of crafts there. If you’re tired or hungry, you can also rest in the coffee shop at the start of the market and eat something.

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