Restaurants of Tabriz | Where to eat in Tabriz?

Restaurants of Tabriz | Where to eat in Tabriz?

In the previous post we talked about famous dishes of Tabriz and now we want to know where and how are the restaurants of Tabriz and where you should find those dishes? Below we have provided you with a list of restaurants of Tabriz, how to access them and other information.

Where to eat?

There are many restaurants in all cities. But not all of them are places to which you can go with confidence. Irantrawell after asking the locals of Tabriz has made a list of the best restaurants in Tabriz and now that list is at your disposal, courtesy of Irantrawell.

Traditional Restaurant and Ana Garden

Traditional restaurant of Ana garden is among the best restaurants of Tabriz. You can have the traditional dishes of Tabriz in this restaurant. One of the advantages of this restaurant is that after you have had your meal you can go to the gardens of Sardrud (a city in central district of Tabriz) and enjoy the pleasant weather of the gardens.

List of dishes available at this restaurant:
  • Chelo Mahicheh
  • Chelo Barg
  • Chelo Gardan
  • Chelo Shishlik
  • Chelo Fileh
  • Chelo Soltani
  • Chelo Koobideh
  • Chelo Joojeh
  • Chelo Bakhtiari
  • Chelo Mahi
  • Chelo Morgh
  • Different appetizers and desserts and dressings
  • Azerbaijan’s local dishes
  • Baby food
  • Tea

Phone number: (+98)4134209525

Address: Tabriz-Azarshahr road, Sardrud beltway

To see a full view of this restaurant click here.

Gazmakh Restaurant

Another restaurant in Tabriz is Gazmakh. Ghazmaz in Azeri dialect means scorched rice (the crisp rice, or whatever it is that’s been cooked, that sticks to the bottom of the pot). The advantage of this restaurant is that in its menu you can find Iranian dishes as well as local dishes and good fast foods. Regarding costs, this restaurant would be average and up. If you are looking for a restaurant whose menu is varied, then Gazmakh is a good choice for you.

Address: Valiasr lane, the end of Northern Shariati street, northern side of Baharestan square, corner of the 10 metri moghadam.

Phone number: (+98)41-33332425


Jalali Restaurant

This old-line restaurant is very popular among the people of Tabriz. Jalali restaurant has three branches which are ready to provide services for tourists and visitors every day. Regarding costs, this restaurant too is average and up. This restaurant is located in the Sardrud region which is one of the best places in Tabriz regarding weather.

Address of the branches:

Basij branch: Tabriz, darvaze Tehran, next to the international exhibition center

Phone number: (+98)41-36377882

Artesh branch: Tabriz, southern artesh, between the intersection of Pastor and Baghshomal.

Phone number: (+98)41-35570448

Roshdie branch: Tabriz, fahmide square, upper story of the Roshdie shopping center.

Phone number: (+98)41-36661110-11

List of dishes available at this restaurant:
  • Shishlik with bones
  • Special file kebab
  • Premium barg kebab
  • Semi-special barg kebab
  • Soltani kebab
  • Special koobide kebab
  • Special jooje kabab without bones
  • Special jooje kebab with bones
  • Trout fish
  • Sheep muscle
  • Bakhtiari kebab
  • Extra rice
  • Special cream soup
  • Different appetizers and drinks

To see the full menu at all three branches click here.


Vahid Restaurant

Vahid restaurants are among the good chain restaurants which has a lot of branches in different cities and has two branches in Tabriz. The special feature of this restaurant, other than the good quality of the food, is the luxurious and beautiful ambiance which makes eating there even more pleasing.

Address of branches:

Branch 1: Zaferanieh

Branch 2: Laleh park level 1

Phone number: (+98)4136600110

To enter this restaurant’s instagram account click here.

vahid restaurant
vahid restaurant

Berkeh Restaurant

          Traditional restaurant of Berkeh has a beautiful and pleasant ambiance and a varied and very good menu. It has also attracted a lot of the people of Tabriz and tourists.

Phone number: (+98)4134209516

Berke restaurant
Berke restaurant

Imani Restaurant

Imani restaurant is located in Sardrud (which is twenty kilometers from Tabriz) and has two classic and traditional ambiances. These two restaurants are fairly close to each other and have varied and very good menus. The ambiances at these two restaurants are very beautiful and pleasing. The traditional restaurant due to the existence of many flowers and plants is known as the Imani garden.

Address: Sardrud, Imam Hossein square

Phone number: (+98)4134201595

Imani restaurant
Imani restaurant

Mozaffarieh Restaurant

Mozaffarieh restaurant in Tabriz has a large, beautiful and quiet ambiance. One of the reason this restaurant is famous is because it offers the dish “Ozoon kebab” or “long kebab” which has a great quality and a distinct taste. This restaurant offers some discount coupons some days and it is better if you used them. To know when these discounts are out you can visit the restaurant’s instagram account. Click here.

Brach 1: Shahgoli square, behind the subway route

Phone number: 33892243

Branch 2: Inside the Shahgoli park, after the Pars hotel toll, inside the Saiman building

Phone number: 33830491

Branch 3: Valiasr, Forooghi, next to the Javal al Aeme mosque, Sheikh Mohammad Khiabani alley

Phone number: 33293063

Branch 4: Nesf rah, Setareh Baran building food court, restaurant VIP

Phone number: 34423965

Mozaffarieh Restaurant
Mozaffarieh Restaurant

Laleh Park and Atlas Food Court

Food courts are good choices for those who look for varied menus. At the Laleh park food court you can order different foods from local dishes to Iranian dishes to fast foods with a price range of average and up. Laleh park is a large and popular commercial complex in Tabriz. So you can hit two birds with one rock. One of the advantages of this food court is the open, roofless ambiance of the place which is overlooking the city.

Laleh food court address: Tabriz, Pasdaran freeway

Atlas food court address: Valiasr alley, Western homafar street, atlas square

Laleh Park and Atlas Food Court
Laleh Park and Atlas Food Court

Ipek Yoli Restaurant

Ipek Yoli restaurant is one of the best restaurants in the downtown Tabriz which has a variety of Iranian and international foods, such as different types of Iranian and Turkish kebabs.

Address: Tabriz, second darayi street, Caspian commercial center

Phone number: (+98)415242848

Ipek Yoli Restaurant
Ipek Yoli Restaurant

Ojagh Restaurant

At Ojagh Restaurant in Tabriz there is no kitchen! After you entered the restaurant and ordered your food (white or red meat) you can barbecue, fry, or grill your food at the table you’re sitting! So if you are looking for a fun time for you and your family you can experience it at this restaurant. Ojaghbashi system all across the world due to its unique advantages is very popular. Firstly, the meat is handed to you fresh and raw; which means you can be assured of its freshness and quality before cooking it. Secondly, the degree to which you want your meat be cooked is for you to decide. Furthermore, you can decide on the order you want to eat your food on the order you cook it. And you can always have your food hot.

Address: Tabriz, 5 kilometers into the Tabriz route, beginning of the Kandrud route

Phone number: (+98)4136303963

Ojagh Restaurant
Ojagh Restaurant

El Goli Restaurant

In the middle of the El Goli pond there is a historical structure which has been turned into a restaurant. This restaurant has a usual ambiance and is average price wise.

El Goli Restaurant
El Goli Restaurant

Mehdi Hila Restaurant

Mehdi Hila restaurant is a well-known fast food restaurant in Tabriz. As well as the fast food menu you can order ash reshteh and cream soup! Irantrawell suggests that you taste the pizzas of this restaurant. The prices at this restaurant are average.

Branch 1: Manzarieh, Abooreihan, past the manzarieh square

Phone number: (+98)4134771000

Branch 2: Valiasr, bozorg square, Milad Noor shopping center

Phone number: (+98)4133332223

To see the full menu click here.

Mehdi Hila Restaurant
Mehdi Hila Restaurant

Ghaem Magham Farahani Traditional Dining Room

Ghaem Magham Farahani Traditional Dining Room has a very different ambiance compared to other restaurants in Tabriz. Because it is located in the historical glacier of Ghaem Magham Farahani. It means it is located in a one hundred percent historical environment.

Address: Tabriz, Shegalan street, before the ghari bridge, yakhchal alley

Ghaem Magham Farahani Traditional Dining Room
Ghaem Magham Farahani Traditional Dining Room

Barman Restaurant

 Among other restaurants in Tabriz is the Barman restaurant. The advantage of this restaurant is that other than the fact that you can order Iranian and international dishes, it also has a beautiful and pleasant ambiance which you will surely love.

Address: Tabriz, Tehran route, 500 meters past the Ahar intersection toward Tabriz

Phone number: (+98)4136370214

Badas Restaurant

This beautiful and cozy restaurant offers all the meals of the day and ahs reasonable prices.

  • Drinks
  • Snack
  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Breakfast menu
  • Lunch menu
  • Dinner menu
  • Dessert menu
  • Vegan salad menu, without added animal processed material

Address: Tabriz, roshdieh, salamt road, the old Chinese restaurant

Phone number: (+98)4136660742

Shahriar Traditional Restaurant

Nobar historical bath is one of the tourists attractions in Tabriz. Today this bath has been turned into a restaurant and all the staff provide services wearing traditional Azeri clothes. If you went to the Sangfarsh Tarbiat street for visiting and shopping purposes be sure to go to this beautiful restaurant for lunch at which  you can also shop for handicrafts such as enamel works. This restaurant has Iranian dishes and also offers a coffees shop menu.

Address: Tabriz, saat square, corner of the Tarbiat street

Shahriar Traditional Restaurant
Shahriar Traditional Restaurant

Other Restaurants in Tabriz

  • Haj Majid restaurant: Tarbiat street, next to the Imam Hasan mosque | This is a very old restaurant and it is very simple and cozy with reasonable prices.
  • Reihan kebab house: darvazeh Tehran, before Marmar hotel, next to the Anata shopping center
  • Bakhtar kebab house: located at darvazeh Tehran, near the Marmar hotel
  • Mehran kebab house: darvazeh Tehran route, valiasr intersection, in front of the gas station
  • Qurani restaurant: jomhoori street, second story of the Kian mall | This is a very old restaurant with high quality dishes and reasonable prices
  • Pakdel kebab house: 29 bahman boulevard, the old berry garden
  • Nafis restaurant: Tabriz, nezam pezeshki street, the end of the shahid ranjbar street (hokm abad), next to the Badr Poor appliance store | Phone number: (+98)4132900655, this place offers Turkish kebabs
  • Haj Mohammad Ashpaz restaurant: after the taleghani intersection, in front of the Sahand mall
  • At the end of the Ghods street (Ghare Ghash street, Javanan jegaraki), Daneshsara street (right in the Daneshsara square) and Gajil door are places at which you can have popular Tabriz dishes such as Jizbiz or Jaghor Baghor.

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