Sa’dabad Palace, Cultural Historical Complex

Sa’dabad Palace, Cultural Historical Complex

The Qajar dynasty, which took the throne of government, Tehran where cut the attention of Agha Mohammad Khan was chosen as the capital. North of Tehran, due to the pleasant weather during the Qajar dynasty and then the Pahlavi dynasty, has a healthy climate since was an area for the construction of Sa’dabad Palace. The Sa’ad Abad Palace, nowadays known as the Sa’adabad Cultural Historical Complex, has an area of 110 hectares that includes several museums and buildings. Do not miss this collection if you want to enter to the world of Qajar and Pahlavi palaces. Stay with Iran travel to know the rest of this historical story.

The Outer Surrounding of the Sa’dabad Palace

What is seen from the Sa’dabad complex at first glance is the desirable enclosure of it. The area is decorated with Darband River and old trees which have identity card. This space is undoubtedly an incomparable environment for a romantic walk along with sound of water, watching squirrels and birds, and the vegetation of Sa’dabad , which has made plant and animal biodiversity from Sa’dabad.

Melat Museum Palace

The Melat museum palace is known as the largest palace complex. Color of this palace which is white has made this palace to be popular as white house. The melat palace was the residence of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and his wife Farah Diba in summer. Great halls, snooker table, expensive dishes, the architecture of this palace, which later wife of the Shah, has made some changes to her taste is worth seeing. The Melal Art  Museum is one of the other sections that Farah Diba decided to construct based on her own personal taste and collected paintings by both Iranian and foreign artists as well as voluminous works.

Melat Museum Palace
Melat Museum Palace

Asood  Palace

In south of Sa’dabad , the Asood Palace is built with marble rocks. The order for the construction of this building was issued by Reza Shah Pahlavi, but after his exile, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi completed the building. After the victory of the Islamic Revolution, Asood palace  became publicly accessible as the Museum of Fine Arts in 1364. If you are interested in painting and galleries, visit the Museum of Fine Arts as your program, because on the ground floor of there are works of contemporary Iranian artists such as Sohrab Sepehri, Parvaneh Etemadi, Abolqasem Saeedi, Faramarz Pilaram, Hossein Kazemi, Nasser Ovissi and other artists.

On the first floor, watching Salvador Dali, John Frederick Harring, Peter Graham, Ivan Shishkin, Francois Moosen and Jules Berton works  will certainly be a great superstar for art fans. You will certainly be excited from seeing dream show of Salvador Dali and the life scene of Joule Breton. On the third floor, there are paintings from the Safavid period and Zand that the portraiture of Zandieh’s kings alongside religious paintings with oil and color techniques is well narrated from the religious beliefs of that era. The effect of the hunting bird from Behzad’s master and the full-length painting of Fath ali Shah Qajar with the signature of Mehrali is another spectacle of the Museum of Fine Arts.

Photos and Pauses

Sa’dabad Palace is a monument to the Qajar dynasty and forty years of Pahlavi presence in Iran. No doubt, seeing photo albums and reviewing historical documents of that era can be a good experience for history lovers, so I suggest that you do not miss visiting the Royal Album Museum and Sa’dabad documents.

Selah museum

 The Museum of Martial Arts and Weapons, Royal Cars, Royal dishes Museum, Court  kitchen Museum  and Royal Clothing Museum are each section that displays history in front of the viewer. In separate museums, the works of Professor Farshchian, Professor Hossein Behzad, Omidvar brothers and Mir emad script are available to the public.

Other Parts of the Sa’dabad Palace

The buildings of the Ahmad Shah palace, the Queen Mary’s palace, Farideh Diba’s palace, the Layla Palace, Bahman Pahlavi Palace, the Alireza Palace and the crown prince’s palace are among the buildings that cannot be visited by the public and some are available to the Presidential Office. . Iran Travel suggests that if you come to Sa’dabad palace do not miss the different sections.

Facilities of Sa’dabad palace

Visitors can take advantage of the facilities of the Sa’dabad Palace, such as cafes, libraries.

Visiting Sa’dabad Palace

Address: Sa’dabad Historical Cultural Complex, end of shahid kamale taheri street, Shahid Fallahi Avenue(zaferaniyeh).,  Valiasr St, tehran

Visiting Hours: In the first half of the year, ticket sales to the museums arrive from 9:30 to 17:30, during the second half of the year ticket sales from 9 to 16:30
Annual holidays: June 14, 21 Ramadan, 25 Shawal, 9 Muharram, 10 Muharram, 28 safar

Entrance of foreign tourists: 150,000

Duration: 2 hours to 8 hours

Sa'dabad Palace
Sa’dabad Palace

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