Accessing to Iran by Shiraz International Airport

Accessing to Iran by Shiraz International Airport

Shiraz is another important city of Iran that accepts a lot of Iranian and foreign tourists annually because of its cultural, historical, and natural aspects. Therefore it is not unexpected that this airport is one of the busiest airports in Iran. If you want to travel to this city by airplane,  stay with us in this article to find out about the Shiraz International Airport (new airport or Shahid Dastgheib airport).

Introducing the Shiraz International Airport

The first airport that was built in Shiraz is called the old airport that was built in 1308 (Solar). After sometime due to the fact that the lanes of this airport were small the decision was made to build a new airport called Shahid Dastgheib airport. (currently the old airport of Shiraz is used as a resting hall for passengers).

Shahid Dastgheib airport in Shiraz was built in 1340 and was chosen as an international airport in 1345. In recent years due to the developments that have taken place the capacity of this airport has gone up from 4 million to 10 million people. After the Imam Khomeini airport in Tehran, this airport is considered the second best military-commercial airport in Iran due to its facilities and advanced equipment.

According to the stats that were published in recent years, on average there are 10 foreign and 120 domestic flights in this airport on a daily basis which is considerable.

Currently, this airport is comprised of two lanes and two terminals for foreign and domestic flights. The lanes of this airport are considered some of the most equipped and best airport lanes and this has abled this airport to have the capacity for different flights and be considered as the second flight control center in Iran.

Shiraz International Airport
Shiraz International Airport

Attention: one of the most important points that needs to be remembered about the Shiraz airport is the possibility of issuing airport-tourist visa for the citizens of some countries. It means that tourists can quickly get a two week visa as soon as they get to the Shiraz airport. (currently the citizens of U.S., Canada, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Jordan, Bangladesh, Columbia, Somalia, and Britain cannot use this visa!)

Active Airlines in the Shahid Dastgheib Airport
Iranian Airlines:
  • Sepehran
  • Aseman
  • Mahan Air
  • Qeshm
  • Kish Air
  • Iran Air
  • Iran Airtour
  • Taban
  • Zagros
  • Naft Iran
  • Caspian
  • Meraj
Shiraz International Airport
Shiraz International Airport
Foreign Airlines
  • Mahan
  • Taban
  • Aseman
  • Air Arabia
  • Zagros
  • Corendon Airline
  • Fly Dubai
  • Qatar Airways
  • Tailwind Airline
  • Qeshm
  • Saudi
  • Atrak
  • Iran Air
Attention: foreign flights from this airports are done to the following destinations:
  • Syria
  • Oman
  • Armenia
  • Qatar
  • Emirates (Dubai-Abu Dhabi)
  • Bahrain
  • Kuwait
  • Turkey
Access to the Shiraz Airport

The current location of this airport is at the Shahid Dastgheib square at the end of the Shah Cheraghi boulevard. To go to this airport you can use one of the three following ways:

  • Personal car (first go to the Shiraz-Bandar Abbas route and then go to the Gole Sorkh square. Finally go to the Shah Cheraghi street).
  • Subway (first lane of subway – Shahid Dastgheib station)
  • Taxi
  • Bus (Namazi terminal)
Shiraz International Airport
Shiraz International Airport
Shiraz International Airport
VIP and CIP halls

If you have a long layover in the Shiraz airport, you can use the services of the VIP and CIP halls and leave the preparations of your next flight to the personnel of the airport. In this part of the airport, you will have access to free internet, restaurant, and other airport facilities.

Private Parking

If you use your personal car to get to the airport, use the private parking of the airport until you get back from your trip.


If you don’t have the time to go to the city, you can use the airport hotel to stay in.

Commercial Booths

In the commercial booths of this airport different products like well-known souvenirs are sold. Therefore if you do not have enough time to buy souvenirs, do not worry because you can use these booths to buy your gifts of choice.

Restaurant and Café

In the both terminals of the Shiraz airport there are various restaurants and cafés that offer both traditional and fast food dishes.


To convert foreign currency to Rial and vice versa you can use the exchange in the airport.

Shiraz International Airport
Shiraz International Airport
Bank and ATM

By using the different bank branches and ATMs across the airport you can attend to all of your banking affairs before your flight.

Special Services for Disables People

The possibility of offering preliminary services such as wheelchair, special moving route, etc. for disabled people are among the most important features of this international airport.

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